This Harry Potter star has just experienced a "terrifying" childbirth

Former Harry Potter star Jessie Cave announced the birth of her third child on her Instagram account Thursday, October 22. A complicated and intense childbirth, which she wanted to share with her fans.

Those who were able to enjoy a serene and controlled childbirth are very lucky, this is not the case for everyone. Jessie Cave recently had this bitter experience with the birth of her last child, a baby boy named Abraham "Bam" Benjamin. The one who played Ron Wisley's girlfriend, Lavender Brown, from the sixth installment of the famous Harry Potter wizarding saga, wanted to share this intense moment with her fans.

It was last June that she announced that she was expecting her third baby with actor Alfie Brown, the father of her two other children. Yesterday, Thursday, October 22, on his Instagram account, we learned of his birth. "Our little boy was born in the early hours of the day yesterday, just 40 minutes after I lost my pocket of water", she wrote, under a touching photo of herself and the little one.

A "terrifying" childbirth

Mom satisfied, she admits all the same that the childbirth was "Slightly extreme", as "Kicks throughout my pregnancy". Jessie Cave also confides that it was a " very different experience ” of its " two first deliveries ”. Abraham's birth was "More humiliating, terrifying and out of control".

She continues: " We are currently in the neonatal unit but he is a strong boy and it is the safest place for him at the moment ”. Obviously very supported throughout the work, Jessie Cave thanked the nursing staff present alongside her and her baby. “The midwives (Magda and Daisy) and the neonatal doctors and nurses were wonderful (the first to greet us in the room was named Rosaria and she was extremely heartwarming). Thank you for all the good cosmic wishes ”.

As for his companion, who was "So wonderful", it is to him that she owes this photo taken " in the seconds that followed his birth and a few moments before he left our arms ". Still shaken by an eventful birth, we wish the actress a lot of courage, as well as her whole family.

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