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A big argument broke out just before the reunification between three candidates from Koh-Lanta the cursed Totem. An adventurer spoke about this sequence.

Tuesday April 26, 2022, TF1 broadcast the second part of the reunification of Koh-Lanta. An episode that saw the release of two adventurers : Setha, behind the bluff of the season and Colin, the ambitious young Swiss. If Setha had ever confided in a scene not shown on screen, Colin returned to another sequence cut during editing. During a live Instagram, he revealed that an argument had taken place on the yellow camp before the elimination of Alexandra. The origin of the conflict? Olga’s shoes.

And yes, remember, during the fourth episode, Olga lost her sneakers and then burst into tears. A situation that Setha allegedly tried to use to his advantage. in order to divide the two allies Olga and Alexandra as Colin indicates. “It’s the story of the shoes. Setha is going to tell Olga that Alexandra made fun of her, that she said it was ridiculous to cry about it. In fact, it created a confusion ( …) They do not understand how Setha could invent such a thing” he said during the live Instagram.

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Setha opens up about the altercation

Following Colin’s remarks, Setha also returned to this passage of Koh-Lanta the cursed Totem. “In fact, he talks about when I wanted to put a damper on the relationship between Olga and Alexandra. I wanted to divide the ex-blues strategically, not to wage war. It was when Olga lost her shoes. Alexandra made a remark and I accentuated it, exaggerated it to make it seem like the remark was mean.”

It is therefore this strategy of Setha, who created this clash cut in the editing. Unfortunately for Setha, this attempt did not work since Olga and Alexandra reconciled. “In the end, they talked about it among themselves and two days later they came to see me and it kind of broke.”

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