This influencer poses in lingerie with her sanitary napkin


As part of a collaboration with the organic periodicals brand Natracare, the British influencer Jessica Megan poses in panties, sanitary napkin visible under her lingerie.

In recent years, the menstrual issue has been freed from taboos and entered the public debate. On Netflix, Instagram and in the media, initiatives are multiplying to break taboos. The brands of hygienic protection, which have long represented the blood of the rules of blue color in pubs, also change their minds. From blood-stained sheets to paralyzing cramps, through annoying bloating and rinsing stained panties in the shower, the situations depicted are increasingly realistic and faithful to the daily lives of menstruating.

Recently, a certain campaign for the organic periodic protection brand Natracare has gone viral on social media. The brand called on influencer and model Jessica Megan, known for her messages of self-acceptance, to talk about her organic tampons and napkins guaranteed to be plastic, fragrance and chlorine free. The 26-year-old Briton decided to unveil a photo of her in transparent panties, which reveals a sanitary napkin from the label.

"What is so provocative about this post?" "

"Now remember you've all seen me in lingerie hundreds of times", wrote Jessica in the caption. “The difference here is I'm wearing a HUGE towel. Like a little mattress for my vulva ”.

"What is so provocative about this post?" ", continues the young woman. "Is this my shameless exhibition of a function taught to you in private?" Ask yourself why you are okay with seeing me adhere to traditional gender roles in pretty lingerie, but not when my menstrual cycle is involved? Why, when this is a reality common to so many of us, should it be private? "

“Period shame is a real problem all over the world, from which people suffer a lot. " And add: “People who have their period are allowed to be sexy, but not to remind society that they are bleeding from the vagina every month. It's all part of the same circle, whether you like it or not, girls! And as the famous saying goes, 'If you can't handle on my period, then you can't have sex with me' (or something like that). "

A necessary speech which was applauded by its subscribers, and which even made some people question themselves. A young woman honestly shares: “The fact that myself, as an adult woman, I was surprised by this post and that I had a first feeling of shame and 'well, that's a bit too much', proves to me that society still really needs to break this taboo. "

Hope posts like this will help break the taboo of menstruation once for all.

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Video by Juliette Le Peillet