This is how you program your bowels to slim


Our intestinal flora has quite a lot of influence on our customer success. With a trick you can support the work of the good intestinal bacteria.

In our gut is pretty much going on: The intestinal flora consists of a variety of different bacteria with different tasks. But some of these bacteria can frustrate us: Firmicutes bacteria, for example. In much earlier times, when we were still hungry, and generally had little to eat, these bacteria were very handy. They draw as much energy as they possibly can from the food and provide us with it.

Firmicutes bacteria as the enemy of our Libra

Today, it looks a bit different – we have a huge selection of food and no longer have to feed on just one piece of bread for days. The problem: Especially the industrially produced foods are full of sugar, from which the still industrious Firmicutes bacteria can draw extra calories. What used to be vital has now the opposite effect: If you have too many Firmicutes bacteria in your gut, you will unintentionally consume up to 10 percent more calories. This can ruin any diet attempt in the worst case from the outset.

Fight bacteria with bacteria

Luckily we are not completely powerless against the little fattening bacteria. The simplest way to reduce their numbers is to take their food base: sugar-containing foods and soft drinks, as well as wheat flour products, should be taboo from now on. Instead, healthy food will be on the menu in the future. These include, for example:

  • fruit and vegetables
  • Fish and lean meat
  • Low fat dairy products
  • High quality vegetable oils, eg. As olive or rapeseed oil
  • whole grain products

This kind of diet not only has the advantage that it makes the Firmicutes bacteria the Gar – it also activates their opponent, the strain of the so-called Bacteroidetes. These bacteria do not draw as much energy from the food, which is why not so much can be stored. A healthy gut needs both bacterial strains, but best they should be in the ratio 1: 1. Then the Firmicutes strain can not torpedo your weight loss attempt. And with the low-sugar diet you lay down the right foundation for successful slimming – so try it out!