this magnificent gift given to Clara during the prime

During the fourth “Star Academy” bonus, singer Vitaa, godmother of the show, reserved a little surprise for Clara, one of the nominated candidates. While the young woman was not supposed to have the chance to share a duet with her favorite artist, she decided otherwise.

This Saturday, November 25, 2023, the fourth bonus of the star Academy was full of surprises. If Axel was stunned to meet his idol Florent Pagny live, Clara, the 22-year-old business student, described by her classmates and teachers as the sun of the house, was not left out either. Earlier in the week, the young woman was not convinced. Following the evaluations, she was nominated alongside Julien. If the duo was finally picked out by the public, the punishment was hard to swallow for the candidate. Finding herself in the hot seat had in fact deprived her of doing a duet with her lifelong idol, Vitaa. Disappointed, but true to her reputation, she reacted during the daily newspaper on Friday: “Sharing this moment with Vitaa would have been incredible for me. It’s a song that I really like. It makes me a pang in the heart because I feel like it went under my nose a little bit”. Adding, fair play: ” HAS on the contrary, I am really happy that it is Lenie who does it. Because if it’s not me, it has to be her. So do me honor, sing it from the heart, as you know how to do so well and enjoy your moment. »

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Vitaa: “I was very disappointed for Clara”

But Clara is not the only one with a big heart. In addition to their passion for contemporary R’N’B’, the two women have generosity in common. During the bonus, the godmother of the show decided to break the rules to give a magnificent gift to her “goddaughter”. Heading towards the bench of nominees, she handed him the microphone to offer him the duet he had dreamed of. A strong gesture, which moved Clara to tears “I was very, very disappointed for Clara because we spoke at the castle and she really liked this song. And Clara told me that she would have dreamed of singing this song with me. She’s nominated this evening, so she couldn’t but I would like to do a little bit with Clara », for her part justified the interpreter of “Avant toi” to Nikos. The show gradually transformed into a fairy tale for the 22-year-old candidate. She and her comrade Julien were drafted; she performed a duet with the one she admires. You could almost believe that a fairy godmother named Charlotte Gonin had leaned over her cradle.

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