this mythical member of the show whose host is very close is 102 years old!

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Starring in an American blockbuster, Dorothée revealed that she was still very close to a former member of the “Club Dorothée” team.

They made children who grew up in the 1990s dream. Dorothee Club, broadcast between 1987 and 1997, and its eponymous host bring back memories full of nostalgia. And if the show no longer appears on the screen, that does not mean that Dorothée has broken with the pop culture so dear to programming. From her real name Frédérique Hoschedé, the singer revealed in an interview with TV 7 days to be a dubber in the casting of the French version of transformers. In the same exchange, she also confided in her relationship with her former acolytes. Some have unfortunately died in recent years, such as Ariane or Corbier.

His friendships are still strong, especially the one with doctor Kleinveterinarian in real life and in the Dorothee Club. “It’s as if we left each other the day before. We’ve been through so much together!” confided Dorothée about their long relationship. The host was indeed able to see him again on the occasion of… his 102nd birthday! “Can you imagine thathe celebrated his 102th birthday on April 19and that I saw it on the occasion of this anniversary”, she continues. And Dr. Klein’s age does not seem to be an obstacle, quite the contrary: “He may be 102 years old on paper, but he’s got his head! He has also written his memoirs and is teeming with projects.”

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“Not a day goes by that I don’t hear about the ‘Club Dorothée’”

Almost thirty years later, the nostalgia of Dorothee Club is there. Dorothy mentioned the “human bonds” which were woven – and which subsist – as well as “the madness that reigned then”. “We received incredible guests, like Ray Charles (in 1993) or Sister Emmanuelle (in 1995)”, she recalls. Former viewers also remember it and do not miss an opportunity to let him know: “What a time! Not a day goes by that I don’t hear about the Dorothee Club or that someone stops me in the street to say ‘thank you’. It’s been going on for years and it still affects me as much.


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