This NFT marketplace is revolutionizing healthcare

Aimedis has set out to turn the healthcare system upside down. With the in-house NFT platform, the company is now taking the next step towards the future.

A month ago we reported how Aimedis would like to use blockchain technology to improve healthcare. Among other things, the project relies on an in-house NFT marketplace where research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, genome researchers and tech companies from the fields of AI, the automotive industry and aerospace can conveniently provide and purchase medical and scientific data.

With Aimedis DataXChange – the world’s first medical and scientific NFT platform – the company simplifies and standardizes the structuring, protection and monetization of scientific and medical data. For the first time, data packages can be transparently traded as intellectual property, license fees and usage fees can be earned in all transactions, and partial or temporary ownership of scientific data packages can be made possible.

At times, there was a clear need to catch up, because data collection processes in the science and health sector are still uncoordinated and difficult to monetize.

Aimedis DataXChange – this is how the platform works

Thanks to the new NFT platform, data records are stored unchangeably anonymously on the blockchain. Only the buyer can access the information using a private key. Participants can track exactly which route the data is taking and what it is used for. The platform roughly categorizes the NFT into two groups. On the one hand “Single Use NFT”, which are burned after the first data access. On the other hand, “Multi Use NFT”, which continue to circulate through the ecosystem after they have been used. The former variant is suitable, for example, for issuing recipes or other information that is to be used once, while the latter is tailor-made for empirical research data of all kinds.

The current network ranges from the United States, the Netherlands and Germany to the United Arab Emirates, Kenya and Zimbabwe to the Philippines, China and Thailand. As a bridge builder, Aimedis connects hospitals, patients, medical research institutions, insurance companies and all other key players in the field of health care and the data processing chain around the world. The blockchain project describes the potential of the platform in its whitepaper:

The Aimedis NFT marketplace is part of the future data market. This new market gives companies and institutions access to a multibillion dollar market.

NFT Business and Royalties

Doctors, researchers and all other network participants mentioned above upload data in the form of standardized and indexable NFTs and make them available for sale. Aimedis charges a fee for creating and selling or buying an NFT. All transactions on the NFT platform can be paid for via fiat or crypto. However, the best conditions in the form of significant discounts are only available through Aimedis’ own AIMX token. Of the maximum 600 million AIMx, 135 million AIMx are currently for sale for institutional and private investors as part of the IDO.

In addition, every use or resale of the NFT data packages generates additional revenue through license fees. Interested parties can visit the Homepage register on the platform. There is also an app that uses the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store as well as via any browser on any PC or MAC.

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