This player recreates a very familiar ship in Starfield

Camille Coirault

September 12, 2023 at 11:30 a.m.


Starfield (Space debris) © © Camille Coirault for

© Camille Coirault for Clubic

The players of Starfield compete in creativity when it comes to creating ships in the game. A player named bmikey on Reddit shared his latest creation on the platform: the legendary Batwing, Batman’s aircraft.

As we wrote in our test of Starfield, it is possible for players to fully customize their ship. The game offers a fairly advanced construction system (although not very intuitive) which leaves a lot of creative freedom. It was enough for some to give free rein to their imagination.

Excessive creation and customization

The player behind the creation of an indestructible ship is far from the only one to demonstrate his creativity. You just need to take a look at the game’s subreddit to be convinced of this quite quickly. There we find the Millennium Falcon or the X-Wing of Star Warsor the USS Enterprise from the series Star Trek, and many other original creations that are completely mind-blowing in their complexity. The player bmikey was inspired by another universe and revealed on Reddit his ship taken from the Batman universe, the Batwing.

The result is quite successful, as you can see in the screenshot below. Painted entirely in black, the silhouette of the spaceship is clearly reminiscent of the Gotham Knight’s vehicle. The player, however, did not reveal the interior of the ship, but did specify that no less than four ladders were needed to move between the floors. When you know the slow process of climbing the ladders in the game, you have to be patient to move inside.

Starfield (Batwing) © © bmikey / Reddit

© bmikey on Reddit

Hard work

Bmikey had patience to finalize the construction of his ship! He says it took 15 hours to complete the creative work. A long-term process, especially given the rather sluggish interface offered by Starfield for ship customization. Obviously, it didn’t get it right all at once, and it took several tries to get everything working properly. A particularly delicate point of construction: ladders. Since it’s impossible to really place them where you want, this part must have been quite a headache!

Furthermore, bmikey explains that he really started from scratch by removing all the elements of an already existing ship. This work could have been made easier for him, because one of the ships present in the game, the Mantis, would have offered him a rather practical structural base to start with.

Batman fans have been won over on the subreddit and are obviously asking for a construction guide. Our budding space architect has promised the community that this one will be arriving soon. We can only hope that his promise is kept! While waiting for him to get down to it, don’t hesitate to take a look at our guide to get your adventure off to a good start in Starfield.

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