this rejuvenating makeup is ideal to combat dull skin after 50

Ideal for giving yourself a healthy glow in winter, this key makeup trend for 2024 is also an anti-aging makeup tip to know to put an end to a dull complexion. Here’s how to adopt it without marking your wrinkles for a “rejuvenating” effect.

THE makeup trends of the year 2024 announced, the complexion makeup trend is towards radiance rather than matte complexion. This is good, boosting the luminosity of the skin is ideal at any age, especially after 50 years when the skin becomes duller and less pink naturally, which gives a gray appearance.

More intense than the glowy complexion trend or pink creams which play the subtlety card, and in line with the pearly skin trend which is all the rage in makeup trends, the trend dewy gold makeup promises to enhance our appearance this winter golden and pink shades which bring back the use of highlighter, sparingly of course. A perfect makeup technique for brighten dull skinwhich is an anti-aging makeup tip you need to know to be trendy while rejuvenating your face.

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How to get dewy gold makeup?

To reproduce this very popular makeup which gives a healthy glow in winter, you must first choose a tinted cream or a foundation with a luminous finish. Then, you will need to work on your complexion with blush in a pink color that suits your skin tone. Then, it’s time to apply the highlighter, chosen in a subtle gold tone. Apply it targetedly on the face: a touch above the cheekbones, a hint on the bridge of the nose and on the brow bone, and why also at the level of the cupid’s bow to visibly plump your lips.

Mature skin makeup: how to adopt the dewy gold trend after 50?

If you adopt this illuminating trend at age 50 or over, we advise you to pay attention to the textures of the makeup products that you are going to apply to your face, because certain textures mark wrinkles rather than making them disappear. If it is already recommended to favor a blush in liquid form on your cheekbones so that there is no residue of powdery blush which accumulates in the fine lines of your skin, the recommendation is all the more essential in regarding the texture of your highlighter. And for good reason, its more iridescent finish will emphasize the skin and risks marking wrinkles if it is not fluid.

Dewy gold make-up: the ideal highlighter to illuminate mature skin

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