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In the program Zone Interdite, broadcast on February 21, 2021, the story of Priscilla Dray, 45, amputated both hands and both feet after a medical error, shocked viewers.

This is a story that aufeminin had already echoed and which found itself at the heart of a report on the program Zone Interdite, broadcast on Sunday February 21, 2021. That of Priscilla Dray, who was amputated of hands and feet after a medical error. In July 2011, the young mother of a three month old baby became pregnant again and decided to have an abortion. But the day after the abortion, she suffered septic shock which was not diagnosed by the doctors at the Bordeaux University Hospital. No antibiotics are prescribed to her and Priscilla falls into a coma for a few hours. A video shot by Priscilla's husband David is shown in the report: a heartbreaking moment, where he is seen talking to her while she is on her hospital bed. "You are going to fight, my darling", he said to him.

But in the meantime, a bacterium, type A pyogenic streptococcus, has attacked his hands and feet. Doctors say the infection has spread because it was not taken care of in time and an amputation of her four limbs is due. "Me, I trusted and this is what I was put in. I was killed, and normally I should have died", explains the victim to Zone Interdite.

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Fifty operations following the medical error

The Bordeaux University Hospital was ordered to pay Priscilla Dray the sum of 300,000 euros. And three members of the nursing staff were indicted. On social networks, in the wake of the report which provoked many reactions, Internet users denounced insufficient judicial decisions, according to them. As for the victim of this error, she confides on the screen all the consequences of this event. "I haven't seen my baby for three months. I haven't been able to enjoy all these moments. They took away all these happy moments. They took them away. there is nothing worse, says the mother. When I got home, hearing him cry and not being able to get up and grab hold of him and take care of him was… How do I put it? Like torture ”.

The nightmare does not end there: Priscilla Dray will undergo nearly 50 operations. Metal rods are implanted in his shins to fix prostheses a few years later. She still hides her other wounds via silicone hands. But the gestures of everyday life become impossible, comments the voice-over. While watching images of her marriage, before the drama, Priscilla Dray declares that she wants to find her life before.
According to a study carried out by American researchers, published in The Lancet and published on January 18, 2020, sepsis is the cause of 11 million deaths per year worldwide. While for the World Health Organization "Sepsis is the most preventable cause of death and disability in Europe."


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