This reveals the hour of birth about your personality strengths

Strengths of Character
This reveals the hour of your birth about your personality

The time you were born has a huge impact on your life


Not only the zodiac sign, but also the hour of birth has a great influence on the character. In the video you can see what the hour of your birth says about you.

The zodiac sign is pretty much the most important identifying feature in astrology for classifying the future and fate of a person. But other factors also have a great influence: The time of your birth also has a great influence on character and personality.

Early bird or night owl?

Abilities, preferences, talents and fears: Many of these points are also determined by the time of birth. But: when exactly was that? After all, none of us can even remember the time of day we saw the light of day. But those who can still definitely remember it are our own parents, who have probably indelibly remembered every second of this important day. No matter whether after breakfast or late in the evening: every moment is magical for expectant mothers and dads (even if it was exhausting and painful at the same time). Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate long and pick up the phone right away: Your parents can most likely tell you like a shot and tell you exactly to the minute when you were born (or at least roughly indicate it if they no longer quite know each other can remember exactly).

Nobody knows anymore – what now?

It is of course possible that your parents actually no longer have enough in mind when you were born (and it is also possible that your parents are no longer alive, or that you broke off contact after a conflict). In this case, the time can still be found out: In some cases, the time is also noted on your birth certificate, where you can easily read it off. If it is not there, a phone call or email to the hospital in which you were delivered should provide clarity – provided that this research is not too time-consuming for you to obtain horoscope information.