This simple technique lets you know if your cosmetics are expired


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Are some cosmetics on store shelves already expired? This is what a video of a TikTok user suggests. Fortunately, here is a trick that allows you to check if this is the case before purchase (and after too).

Using a cosmetic that has passed its expiration date is not good for your skin or any area it will be applied to. This is why we regularly recommend that you sort out your bathroom to throw away beauty products that have been open for too long and that you should no longer use. In addition to the period of use after starting the product, the expiry date is also a criterion to take into account before applying a cosmetic on you.

According to Canon Ryder, a TikTok user who proved that some beauty products available in American stores are already expired, with video support, there is a site that allows you to know whether or not the skincare you are intend to buy is expired. This practical site is

How it works ?

Very easy to use, it works a bit like a search engine: you must select the brand of your cosmetic from a drop-down menu and then enter a code which is on the packaging of your product and which is mandatory. Please note, this is not the barcode but another series of numbers as shown in the Canon video below. Thanks to this information, you then obtain the date of manufacture and marketing of your cosmetic. In this case, the product analyzed by the TikTokeur had been manufactured almost 10 years ago!

A website that has limits

In the drop-down menu of the site, you will find many brands, some of which are well known such as Aesop, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Benefit Cosmetics, Bourjois, Darphin, Kerastase, Sephora and La Roche-Posay, to name but a few. But you should know that the brands whose manufacturing date can be analyzed are international brands. You will therefore not necessarily find information on your favorite skincare product if it is a small French brand that is only distributed in France.
But still, it should be remembered that beauty products that are unopened, stored in a dry place at a moderate temperature, and sealed well, can actually be stored for quite a long time even if they were made a long time ago. one moment. Ultimately, if the product was only made a year or two ago, it’s the general appearance of the product that will matter more than its date of manufacture and will help you determine whether you can use it or not. . Trust your instincts, and when in doubt, throw it in the trash. On the other hand, always keep an eye on the small symbol representing an open jar which is affixed to the packaging of your cosmetics. It indicates the duration of use with a number followed by the letter “M” (6M, 8M, 12M…) which designates the number of months during which you can use the product without risk after opening.

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