This Warzone warm-up could boost your K/D

Whether you’re a new player looking to get started on Warzone Pacific, or a more experienced player looking to improve your K/D, a YouTuber came up with the idea of ​​a warm-up, a little health walk that could be useful to you.

The least we can say is that it is not always easy to do well on Warzone. If many manage to win their various clashes brilliantly, unfortunately this is not the case for everyone.

However, as shown by a youtuber who went from a K/D of 0.5 to a K/D of 3+, nothing is impossible. Especially since he was starting from afar, having never played a Call of Duty or even a battle royale before.


Achieving success in Warzone takes some practice

The recipe for its success? A daily warm-up that allows him to ensure that he always arrives on the battlefield in top form.

A warm-up to improve your K/D on Warzone

In his video, the youtubeur explained that he had worked on 4 pillars to improve on Warzone: movement, mechanics, decision-making and address. While her warm-up routine doesn’t necessarily help when it comes to decision-making, when it comes to everything else, she ticks all the boxes.

Before starting the celebrations on Warzone, each time the youtuber launches a custom game on Modern Warfare to fight bots. To do this, he relies on specific parameters: unlimited time, unlimited score, 150 health, no minimap, no killstreaks and max ammunition.


Like a number of Gunfight maps, Speedball puts players in the thick of the fight mere seconds after they spawn

He bets on the Speedball card because it is small, rectangular and offers many possibilities. It sets the number of bots to 6 and their difficulty to “normal”. Once the preparations made, he launches with a Kar98k and an MP5.

Essentially, he uses this routine to focus on his weapon handling and movement. Once warmed up, he launches into Warzone, ready to fight.

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