This Wii is the size of a deck of cards

Imagine a Wii Mini. Even more Mini! There you have it, it’s a Wii the size of a deck of 32 cards.

The fashion for “Mini” consoles is not over. Nintendo has reissued its “retro” consoles in a “mini” version: the Nes Mini, the Snes Mini… but what about the Wii Mini? If Nintendo has not (yet) offered it, modders are not shy. We had already seen a Mac mini integrated into the chassis of a Wii.

A console the size of a deck of cards

Ars Technica spotted a rather original mod for the Wii. It is a console reduced to the size of a 32 card deck. Its entire motherboard has been revised to integrate CPU, GPU, RAM, NAND and connectors on a reduced PCB. Concessions had to be made; the SD port has for example been transformed into a microSD port. However, it is rather appreciable knowing that the console has an HDMI port to adapt to recent screens. Given the size, it also seems obvious that the disk drive has been sacrificed.

Surprisingly, the four GameCube controller ports haven’t been removed…or at least not completely. Although it is no longer possible to connect the controllers directly, a jack port allows you to connect a compatible dongle to connect four controllers.

For those who would like to reproduce the exploit, a GitHub page gives many details on the project. It contains everything you need to recreate this Wii mini the size of a deck of cards.

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