This Zara bomber jacket promises to be the trendiest of spring

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Fashion alert. A new Zara bomber jacket could become the jacket to have this spring 2023. Do you like it?

Notice to fashionistas. We have spotted a jacket that promises to make Spring-Summer 2023. Among the trendiest clothes of the moment, there are several pieces. The long cargo skirt, the 2000s XXL denim skirt, and the bomber jacket. Yes yes, it’s coming back and establishing itself as a real must-have for this spring-summer 2023. Zara is a champion bomber brand. Indeed, one of his felt models was taken by storm after going viral on Tik Tok. Zara has not said its last word and has created a another model that promises to be very popular since it mixes two major trends. Its shape is bomber style and its material is denim. However, jeans are coming back more than ever in 2023: we wear them as a touch or as a total look. He is everywhere !

This lightly washed blue denim bomber jacket with retro accents is displayed at €59.95 on the site. What is particularly appreciable with this bomber is that it will appeal to everyone, regardless of age or morphology of the person. For what ? Its oversized shape puts everyone in value and it can be worn with many outfits. We tell you how.

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How to wear a denim bomber?

The bomber jacket is a stylish type of jacket that can also be very chic depending on the model and how it is worn. Several choices are available to you:

  • In full look : the total denim look effect is very trendy at the moment. We love to wear denim to the feet and to the bag! We imagine it with black jeans or straight blue jeans, sneakers and a simple t-shirt. Add a small denim baguette bag and you’re done. You can also wear it with a very trendy long denim skirt.
  • As a strong piece on a simple outfit : this bomber jacket is a statement piece. We can play with that and use it as a strong piece from which the rest of the look is articulated. We imagine it over an all-black look or with wide gray suit trousers and a matching sleeveless jacket.
  • On an elegant dress or skirt : the denim side of the bomber will break up the chic aspect of a dress or a skirt. Thus, we associate it with a very long satin dress and mules or with a long cargo skirt and sneakers according to tastes and desires.

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