Thomas Dutronc in mourning, he mourns the death of a friend: “Life is unfair…”

Thomas Dutronc is in mourning. The singer suddenly lost a friend aged 58. The interpreter of “The more I kiss you” paid a touching tribute, on his Instagram account, to this loved one named Sylvain. This Thursday, March 14, the singer posted a black and white photograph of his friend, smiling and guitar in hand. This tender image is accompanied by a long note to the deceased. “I still can’t realize that Sylvain left like that, without warning, at 58 years old…”, began by writing Thomas Dutronc. The two friends were to meet on June 1 in Marseille for “do a little concert together”, explained the singer. Before continuing: “I thought about it very often and I was so looking forward to this reunion.”

A long-time friend. Jacques Dutronc’s son recounted their meeting and their first moments of friendship. “I went to see him play every week when I was 19-20, then for years”, said the singer. “I followed his projects, we talked a lot, we played a little sometimes, we listened to music all night, we laughed a lot”, he recalled. According to Thomas Dutronc, his friend Sylvain had many qualities. It was “very worthy”, “very human”, “very profound”, “with immense sensitivity and disproportionate talent”. Very touched by this brutal loss, he concluded his message with: “Life is unfair… Rest in peace my friend.

Thomas Dutronc moving on his mother Françoise Hardy

Thomas Dutronc often gives news of his seriously ill mother, to whom he is very close. Last January, he made new confidences about Françoise Hardy in the 7/10, the morning show of France Inter. The singer claimed that his mother did not want to die, despite her poignant letter to Emmanuel Macron on euthanasia. “She is very bad” And “she walks very hard”, he announced on the radio. Upset, Thomas Dutronc continued: “Her health and physical fitness are very diminished, but she is not yet in the state where one can wish to die (…) She does not want to die, she says so.”

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