Thomas Gottschalk: He wins and takes over Joko Winterscheidt's show


Thomas Gottschalk
He wins and takes over Joko Winterscheidt's show

Thomas Gottschalk is the beaming winner of the third edition of "Who is stealing the show from me?".

© ProSieben / Claudius Pflug

Thomas Gottschalk said on Tuesday evening "Who is stealing the show from me?" won and becomes the moderator in Joko Winterscheidt's show.

Thomas Gottschalk (70) celebrated a special TV premiere: The entertainer went on Tuesday evening (January 19) as the winner of the ProSieben format "Who is stealing the show from me?" ("WSMDS") and for the first time beat Joko Winterscheidt (42) as the host and challenger of the quiz show. The presenter could still make out the last two episodes for himself, in the third edition he now had to admit defeat to the TV veteran.

Gottschalk will moderate the ProSieben quiz show next Tuesday (January 26th) at 8:15 p.m. and take over Winterscheidt's job. The killed presenter has to fight in the field of candidates with Palina Rojinski (35), Elyas M'Barek (38) and wildcard winner Lily to win his show back.

The Tuesday evening show was particularly popular with young viewers: "With a market share of 15.8 percent (14-39), 'WSMDS' is the strongest program for young viewers in prime time – apart from the brief focus," ProSieben announced on Wednesday on twitter. For viewers between 14 and 49 years of age, "WSMDS" is the first time before the RTL casting show "DSDS".