Thor 4 – Love and Thunder features the MCU’s weirdest love triangle


Thor actor Chris Hemsworth confirms and explains what is probably the strangest love triangle from all previous Marvel films. More on web world.

Thor 4 (Credit: Jasin Boland/ Marvel Studios/ Disney)

  • Warning: Spoilers for “Thor 4” to come.
  • Thor longs for Mjölnir – and Stormbreaker becomes jealous.
  • Leading actor Chris Hemsworth now offers insights into the strange love triangle.

In the meantime, a number of Marvel viewers should have seen “Thor: Love and Thunder” in the cinemas. In the 4th solo adventure of the Thunder God, Thor takes on Gorr the God Slayer – and reunites with his ex Jane Foster, who has become Mighty Thor and wields his hammer Mjolnir.

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Thor Odinson also finds it difficult to see his exes in his old armor. But another fact of Jane’s return, in the form of Mighty Thor, seems to make the Asgardian even more difficult. The god of thunder clearly still mourns the loss of his beloved hammer Mjölnir.

“Thor 4 – Love and Thunder”: The funny love triangle was created during the filming

It even goes so far that Thor often hopes in the course of the film that Mjölnir will come back to him. That, in turn, gets noticed by Stormbreaker – and doesn’t seem very enthusiastic. If you can say that about an ax at all.

So Stormbreaker is jealous of Thor, who longs for Mjolnir.

Thor actor Chris Hemsworth also confirmed the strange love triangle at a press conference on “Love and Thunder” (via CBR). Hemsworth says: “That was one of the funniest things we were able to do on film. Look, it’s hard when the ex-girlfriend shows up and the way he’s dressed; it’s a shock. All of a sudden the gun he’s about to hear many years so cherished, now someone else, and then he Stormbreaker starting to sense some jealousy there.”

This special kind of jealousy among magical Asgardian objects was only worked out more clearly in the course of the shooting of “Thor 4”. Marvel star Chris Hemsworth continues: “So that developed through the movie, didn’t it. I don’t think it was in the original script, but it was fun.”

By the way, the MCU movie also introduces a new villain for “Thor 5” who is stronger than Thanos.

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