Thore Schölermann: From the home office, he moderates in boxer shorts

The Schölermann couple spent the Corona period in a forest hut in the Sauerland. "Taff" moderator Thore (35) and his wife Jana (33) "fled Cologne early on and put us under quarantine", as Thore Schölermann told in an interview with "Bild". He also revealed that the two of them also work from there: "Jana has provisionally set up a home studio in her wardrobe and from there she has documented and documented and I moderated entire programs via Skype. Tuxedo below Boxer shorts …"

Time out together

They are said to spend the rest of the time together in nature: "We worked in the garden and in the hut. This is our gym. Sanding, painting, chopping wood instead of sit-ups and burpees." Thore Schölermann sums up the Corona time for the couple as follows: "We haven't had so much time together in years. It was very good for us too!"