Threatened with death, singer Hoshi says she can no longer go out “alone in the street”

In the pages of the “Tribune Dimanche” this February 25, 2024, Hoshi returned to the particularly virulent harassment to which she is the subject. Harassment that prevents him from leading a normal life…

Threats that do not weaken. In 2020, during the Victoires de la Musique, Hoshi made an impression by kissing one of his dancers on stage after performing his song “Amour censor”, a true plea for universal love. This committed and artistic act had nevertheless earned the 27-year-old artist a wave of homophobic comments and even death threats on social networks. Four years later, the singer still does not seem to have gotten rid of her detractors, as she confided in the pages of theTribune Sundaythis February 25, 2024.

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For three years, I have received death threats by the thousands”, revealed the interpreter of “Bad Dream” to our colleagues. And continue his chilling testimony : “Recently, I filed a complaint against a cyber-harasser, but, following a psychological assessment, he was considered ‘crazy’, therefore not judgeable. And this person still walks freely.” Therefore, Hoshi continues to live in terror. Feeling “really threatened”, she thus made the choice to no longer walk around “alone in the street” for fear of doing a bad meeting. And to conclude, helplessly: “I really don’t feel supported by justice.

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Hoshi scared: “I moved twice”

In September 2023, on the plateau ofe C to you(France 5), Hoshi had already discussed the pressure she has been experiencing on a daily basis since 2020. Such intimidation made the young woman hesitate for a while to end your career : “I almost stopped… It was especially the fallout from that kiss that was horrible. I have no other word than ‘horrible’ because I couldn’t leave my house for a very long time, for two years. I’ve moved twice, I’ve filed complaints many times… Even recently!

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Last June, one of the harassers of the woman who participated in The Voicein 2013 had however sentenced to eight months in prison, six of which were suspended. The victim had however estimated at the microphone of Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine: “The question is not so much the conviction of this person.”And to develop his thoughts:“It’s more the fact that there were thousands of death threats and that the message sent was that there was only one person who was there at the trial. Whereas for me, it wasted four years of my life.

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Hoshi: who is his partner?

During this difficult time, Hoshi can certainly count on your other half, Gia Martinelli, also immersed in the musical world. Former member of the group Dirty Diary, the bubbly brunette has also become Hoshi’s manager. “We live together, we work together. She manages my career. She beautifies my life, so obviously, it’s my life and her name is Gia”, Hoshi confided in the showAll the women in our livesbroadcast on W9 in 2021.

Interviewed by Bernard Montiel at the end of January 2024, in the show1 hour with…broadcast on RFM, Hoshi also looked back with tenderness on her meeting with Gia Martinelli. “She arrived at the right time, good timing too. […] I had just signed a contract with a record company. […] I was at a time of change in my life. No more bullshit, no more parties.” It just goes to show that life sometimes has nice surprises in store for us.


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