Three injured – Alko ghost driver triggered a horror accident

It was almost a miracle that this horror “only” ended with three injuries on Saturday night. A wrong-way driver had collided with an oncoming driver on the Innkreisautobahn. She had 1.68 per thousand intus, four vehicles were involved.

A 33-year-old from Hartkirchen was on the wrong lane on the Innkreisautobahn near Krenglbach for five kilometers. The investigators assume that the woman at the Wels industrial park was likely to have driven the wrong way and was on the Wels directional lane in the fast lane to Suben. Her ghost ride ended with a side collision with an oncoming Audi, which was driven by a 23-year-old man from Tumeltsham.

Tire torn out
The 23-year-old’s car spun on its own axis several times, and this force tore out the left rear tire. This crashed into the car of a Croat (49) who could no longer evade. A future driver (17) from Eferding was also involved in the accident. The ghost driver, her opponent in the accident and his co-driver (21) were brought to hospitals with injuries. An alcohol test carried out gave the shocked wrong-way driver a value of 1.68 per mille.