Ticket retailer puts pressure: Eventim wants concert-goers to be vaccinated

Ticket dealer puts pressure
Eventim wants concert-goers to be vaccinated

Could corona-vaccinated people exercise their full basic rights earlier than non-vaccinated people? The big ticket retailer CTS Eventim is fueling this debate. The company has already created systems that can read vaccination cards.

The ticket seller CTS Eventim wants to tie participation in concerts and events to a vaccination against the corona virus. "If there is enough vaccine and everyone can be vaccinated, then private organizers should also have the opportunity to make a vaccination as a requirement for access to events," said the chairman of the board, Klaus-Peter Schulenberg, of the "Wirtschaftswoche". CTS Eventim has already created the corresponding technical requirements. "We have set up our systems so that they can also read vaccination cards."

According to the plans of the federal government, every German should have the opportunity to be vaccinated by the end of summer. In Schleswig-Holstein, CTS Eventim organizes vaccination appointments itself. With other federal states one is in talks about a possible cooperation in the future, when more vaccine is available, said Schulenberg.

Federal government skeptical, FDP is pushing

The federal government does not want to have a debate about the return of fundamental freedoms as long as not every citizen has the opportunity to get vaccinations. "At the moment it is still the case that even if someone is vaccinated, it is not clear whether other people can still be infected," said Chancellor Angela Merkel in the ARD. As long as this is not clarified, there can be no easing for vaccinated people alone.

When asked whether people would go along with it, Merkel said: "I think if we can later have made an offer to vaccinate a lot of people and then some people say we don't have to be vaccinated, now I don't want to be vaccinated, then I have to you might make such differences and say, okay, if you don't want that, you might not be able to do certain things. "

There are also other voices calling for relaxation for those who have been vaccinated. "A cinema operator or restaurant owner could of course say who has proof of a vaccination or antibodies, I'll let them in," said Deputy FDP parliamentary group leader Stephan Thomae in an interview with ntv.de, with a view to the fact that vaccinated people do not infect each other anyway could. "That shouldn't be forbidden, neither the providers nor the customers. It would be strange to prevent them from exercising their rights despite such evidence."