TikTok: Woman reveals ear trick against period pain

Woman reveals ear trick for menstrual pain

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Many women experience severe period pain every month. A woman now uses TikTok to reveal the simple ear trick she uses to prevent her period pain.

While some women experience only mild menstrual symptoms, others arm themselves with hot water bottles and pain pills every four weeks to fight the pain. Cramps as well as abdominal and back pain can really throw us off track and possibly tie us to bed.

A TikTokerin would like to help her followers: She shares a video in which she shows how menstrual pain can be relieved without medication. All a woman needs is a pencil.

TikTok: Life hack for period pain

The woman, who calls herself “lessiamac” on TikTok, swears by the trick she demonstrates in a video: She grabs a pencil and massages the so-called Fossa triangularis, the triangular depression on the upper edge of the auricle, with the end of the eraser. This area should be massaged in small circular movements for one minute – then it is the turn of the other ear.

According to TikTokerin, this actually helps to reduce menstrual pain, but also pain in the entire body. This life hack doesn’t seem to be completely absurd, after all, the ear has certain reflex zones that trigger reactions in other parts of the body by exerting pressure. As an acupressure method on the ear, inserting a clothespin is also considered helpful, so why not use a pencil as well?

Ear trick: enthusiasm on the net

The video has already been liked more than 1.5 million times and is very popular. Many of her followers have tried the trick themselves and are enthusiastic. “It really works! I didn’t have to take ibuprofen this time and I usually take 10-15 during my week-long period,” writes one user. “I’m literally going to throw away all of my medication, it’s life-changing,” enthuses another. Thanks to the trick, her pain seems to have been erased.

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