Til Schweiger: Actor went to therapy after allegations

Til Schweiger
Actor went to therapy after allegations

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Til Schweiger (59) has commented for the first time on the allegations that arose after the filming of the film “Manta Manta – Second Part”. In an interview with the magazine “Stern” Said the lead actor and director: “I don’t want anyone to be afraid of me.” Schweiger explained about the six months he withdrew from the public: “I thought a lot. I talked a lot with friends. And I started therapy.”

During filming last year, there were said to have been employees on the film set who were afraid of the 59-year-old. When asked whether he was a “tyrant,” Schweiger replied in “Stern”: “The accusation hit me hard. Nobody needs to be afraid of me. I’m a friendly person.”

“I am a person who makes mistakes”

He referred to a recent report from a law firm that stated that many people on set found the collaboration good. “If I were a tyrant, the same people wouldn’t keep working with me,” the film star emphasized in the interview. “Still, friends have told me before that I can have a way of being that is frightening. I now accept that and am working on it.” Schweiger also says about himself: “I’m a person who makes mistakes. I’m not perfect. There are situations where I freak out, I’m impatient. But I also apologize for that.”

When asked about the topic of alcohol while filming “Manta Manta 2”, Schweiger admitted: “There was a situation in which I wasn’t myself because I drank alcohol. But at that moment I didn’t want to admit it. I was convinced , I could shoot.” According to the actor, he “drank more than before” during the production: “I think it was a gradual process.”

“I want to become a better person”

Over the years, Schweiger said, there have been many conversations with friends and family about the subject of alcohol: “They were worried that I was drinking too much. I never denied it. But I told them all: ‘I wants to grow old. Don’t worry. I’m still working on it.’ Today I know: I always put this topic off my chest.” It gradually increased and then there was a loss of control. Afterwards he was “always incredibly ashamed”.

Schweiger said that he had now learned in therapy that he was no longer allowed to lose control. “I’ll be 60 soon. I don’t want to waste any more time now, I want to become a better person.”


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