“Titanic”: this iconic object from the film was sold at auction for an astronomical sum: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

It is a cult film which, in its own right, has become a true cultural phenomenon, and which can even boast of having had the great Céline Dion to sing its original soundtrack: the feature film Titanic made the news again on Monday March 25, 2024. It must be said that this fiction, based on a very real tragedy, has always fascinated the crowds. The wreck of the boat, moreover, is considered to be a buried treasure for someand an unexplored marine cemetery for others. For James Cameron in any case, she is a true inspiration, and the source of a tragic love story: that between Jack, played by Leonardo Dicaprio and Rose, played by Kate Winslet. Jack’s disastrous fate has never really been digested by fans, who have always been convinced that he could have survived. A debate which was nevertheless put to an end by the director of the film, who explained through a scientific experiment that Jack had no chance of survival.

An astronomical sum for the most cult object from the film “Titanic”

Monday March 25, 2024, it is therefore the wooden plank on which the two lovers try to climb after the shipwreck, which has been the center of all attention. It must be said that this cult object of the film Titanic, which testifies to Jack’s sacrifice for Rose’s survival, and present in the final scene, was sold at auction in Dallas, Texas. A sale carried out as part of The Heritage Auctions Treasures from Planet Hollywood event, in which many other cinema objects were also sold, as explained The Hollywood Reporter. Thus, what was presented during the sale not as a simple board, but rather as “in reality, part of the door frame located just above the entrance to the first class lounge [du navire]” was sold for the modest sum of 718,750 dollars (or 662,000 euros). A price which makes it the most expensive item on sale.

Other pieces from the film “Titanic” sold at auction

Another piece from the film to be sold? One of the dresses worn by Kate Winslet during filming, sold for $125,000. Other equally famous movie items were also up for auction, such as actor Harrison Ford’s famous whip in the film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, which was acquired for the sum of 525,000 dollars (or 483,924 euros). A price which also makes it the most expensive filming accessory in the franchise. Finally, the ax of the film Shining also found a buyer, just like the famous black costume of the Venom symbiote, worn by Tobey Maguire during Spider-Man 3.

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