To repeat the breakdown election: Council of Europe sends election observers to Berlin

To repeat the breakdown dialing
Council of Europe sends election observers to Berlin

In order to demonstrate that things can be done better after the catastrophic election breakdown last September, the Berlin state returning officer wants international observers to accompany the repeat of the election. The Council of Europe will send some, maybe the OSCE too.

The Council of Europe will send election observers to repeat the Berlin House of Representatives elections. He suggested this himself, said state returning officer Stephan Bröchler. However, since he was unable to extend the invitation himself in his function, he thanks Interior Senator Iris Spranger from the SPD and the Federal Foreign Office for putting his proposal into practice.

He also suggested inviting election observers from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). However, their answer is still pending. “By repeating the elections, we can show that we have learned from our mistakes and that we will regain trust in democracy,” explained Bröchler. “That’s why we want to face the assessment of independent election observers.”

The Berlin House of Representatives election is to be repeated on February 12 after the Berlin Constitutional Court declared the September 2021 election invalid. The court justified this with numerous electoral errors in the glitch-prone vote.

improvements praised

Since then, efforts have been made in Berlin to signal thorough preparation for the repeat date. After the court decision, the state returning authority had already promised a number of improvements. More polling booths should be set up and more poll workers won.

In addition, at least three polling booths should be offered per polling station. Significantly more ballot papers were ordered from the printer than were needed. “We want to be able to react and make improvements if there are bottlenecks in one place or another,” said von Bröchler shortly after the verdict.

Berliners have to go to the polls twice

During the awkward elections on September 26 last year, polling stations had to be temporarily closed or stayed open longer. Long queues formed in front of many. Ballot papers were also missing.

In addition to the elections to the House of Representatives and the district councils, the Bundestag elections took place, as well as a referendum. Following a recommendation by Parliament’s Election Review Committee, the Bundestag has also decided to partially repeat the Bundestag elections. However, this will take place on a different date. This has not yet been determined due to complaints from the election examination that have already taken place. What is certain: Many Berliners will have to go to the polls on two extra days.

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