Tom Hanks: Tom Hanks alone with dog and robot in the “Finch” trailer

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks alone with his dog and robot in the “Finch” trailer

Tom Hanks on the poster for “Finch”.

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In the first trailer for “Finch”, Tom Hanks is the last person in the world to be accompanied by a dog and a robot.

“Cast Away” in the Post Apocalypse? At first glance acts the first trailer for Tom Hanks’ (65) new movie “Finch” like the science fiction version of his 2000 vehicle in which he was stranded on a desert island. Only that Hanks doesn’t have to talk to a volleyball in his latest work, but has a dog and a robot as contact persons.

“Finch” with Tom Hanks: The Story

The trailer for the production of Apple TV + paints an apocalyptic image. A solar flare destroyed the harvest on earth. Tom Hanks character Finch appears to be the only survivor. The terminally ill inventor only has his dog as a partner. So that he is not alone after his death, Finch develops a robot that is supposed to take care of the animal. The three of them go on a trip. Maybe there are other survivors after all?

With this story, “Finch” is not only reminiscent of “Cast Away”, but also of the sci-fi classic “I Am Legend”, which has been filmed several times. In the 2007 film adaptation, Will Smith (52) is the only survivor of a virus disaster, also accompanying a dog.

In addition to Hanks, the cast includes Skeet Ulrich (51) and Laura Harrier (31). So Finch doesn’t seem to be the only survivor after all (unless the other characters appear in flashbacks). It is directed by Miguel Sapochnik (47, “Repo Man”). Robert Zemeckis (70) is involved as the producer – the director of “Cast Away”!

Apple TV + only

“Finch” should actually start regularly in cinemas in October 2020 under the title “Bios”. After a postponement due to the corona pandemic, Apple TV + secured the rights and will broadcast the film exclusively from November 5, 2021.


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