Tom Neuwirth: What happens to his conchita sausage?

Tom Neuwirth appears in "FameMaker" without wigs and dazzling stage outfits. What does that mean for his character Conchita Wurst?

Premiere on German television: For the new ProSieben show "FameMaker" Tom Neuwirth (31, "Rise Like a Phoenix") casts off his two artist roles for the first time. The Austrian, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014 as Conchita Wurst, will neither appear on the stage as a dazzling pop diva nor as a masculine electro musician.

Conchita sausage runs on multiple tracks

It seems that several hearts are beating in the artist's chest. There is Conchita, the unapproachable figure that has developed into a real music and TV star over the past few years. At the end of 2019 she sat next to Heidi Klum (47) and Bill Kaulitz (30) on the ProSieben show "Queen of Drags". In May 2020 she hosted the "Free European Song Contest" together with Steven Gätjen (47).

There is also the artist WURST, which Neuwirth officially presented in March 2019. Since then, his two artist roles Conchita and WURST have been separated. While Conchita creates dazzling TV moments, WURST conquers the electropop scene as a musician. His album "Truth Over Magnitude" was released in October 2019. The artist, who appears in this role without wigs or feminine dresses, succeeds in something that Conchita has so far been denied. In his texts he gives an insight into the life of the man behind all the art – Tom Neuwirth.

Tom Neuwirth accompanies singers "on their way to becoming a fame"

Now Tom Neuwirth apparently shows his bourgeois self to the German TV audience. What is the new show by idea generator and producer Stefan Raab (53) about? Unknown candidates perform under a soundproof glass dome in front of the three comedians and "fame makers" Carolin Kebekus (40), Luke Mockridge (31) and Tedro's "Teddy" Teclebrhan (36). Based on the performance skills alone, they have to consider whether or not there is entertainment talent hidden under the dome. Pull the lever, the dome rises and the truth is revealed.

Be it a stroke of luck or a grip on the oven: In the end, the three "FameMakers" and their selected candidates have to bring a final performance to the stage. Neuwirth is already looking forward to it: "I am very happy to accompany the performers on their way to the fame," he says. Since he himself loves the big appearance, he knows exactly: "A strong performance lives from very different means of expression, not just from a good voice."

There is no official start date for "FameMaker" yet. Production is slated to start this summer.