Tomorrow belongs to us: dramatic twist! The real person responsible for Agnès Varda’s explosion confesses

While Corentin continues to implement his Machiavellian plan, Camille prepares to make an unexpected confession in Tomorrow Belongs to Us. What if Bénédicte was ultimately not responsible for Agnès Varda’s outburst?

Warning, this article contains many spoilers for the next episodes of Tomorrow Belongs to Us. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read what follows!

The twists and turns follow one another but are not alike in Tomorrow Belongs to Us!

Since she emerged safe and sound from the escape game from hell, Camille (Elisa Ezzedine) has been at her lowest point and has behaved in a very mysterious way. Recently, the young woman tried to open up to Dorian (Rayane Huber) but the unexpected arrival of Luna (Paloma Reynaud) prevented her from telling him what was on her heart.

If everything suggests that she wanted to talk to him with the sole aim of winning him back, Camille has in reality been hiding a terrible secret for months. Today, the time for revelations has come in the daily TF1 soap opera… And suffice to say that the confessions that the Perraud girl is about to make are more than unexpected.


In the episode which will be broadcast Monday evening on TF1, and already available on the MyTF1 Max platform, Camille is at the police station with her mother and recounts what really happened on the day of the high school explosion.

I had doubts for a while“, she then explains before continuing, “So that morning, I stopped by to see Dorian. When I arrived, I heard laughter. I immediately recognized Luna’s laugh. It came from Dorian’s room. I was afraid of going back and catching them and at the same time I couldn’t leave. It hurt so much. And suddenly, I wanted revenge.


In a flashback, we then see Camille turn on the gas in the Curtis kitchen. “I didn’t think about the consequences at all” she told the police. “All I wanted was to do something. And I stayed there I don’t know how long. I couldn’t even hear anything anymore. Everything around me had gone dark. I was just waiting for the world to end. I wanted everything to end“.

And then Camille’s phone rang, which caused a sort of click in the young woman. Realizing that she was making a huge mistake, she then turned off the gas before leaving. Well, that’s what she thought…

With tears in her eyes, Camille assures Captain Saeed (Samy Gharbi) that she did not want to hurt all these people. When the school exploded, she couldn’t believe it was all her fault. Completely panicked, she unfortunately did not manage to denounce herself. The more time passed, the less she was able to tell the truth. In tears, Camille then repeats how sorry she is.

These are unexpected confessions that promise to reshuffle the cards in Tomorrow Belongs to Us.

Now that the truth has come out, will Camille go to prison? Will Bénédicte file a complaint against the young woman? For his part, how will Dorian react when he learns that his ex-girlfriend allowed his mother to be accused of something she didn’t do? One thing is certain, it is that things will never be the same again for Camille and Dorian in Tomorrow Belongs to Us!

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