Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1352 of Tuesday, January 31, 2023 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… Rayane still stands out in high school, Sylvain comes out of a coma, François digs into his father’s past and a hike doesn’t go as planned.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Tuesday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday January 31 in Tomorrow belongs to us…

François digs into his father’s past

François hasn’t slept all night. He explains to Charlie that someone wrote to him via a fake profile on the internet. This person claims to know the truth about the disappearance of the teacher’s father. The girl thinks it’s a scam and advises him to trust the police. Francois listens to him.

After analysis, Damien reveals to Aurore that Muriel did not write the famous letter. He believes that it was her husband who wrote it to take revenge on François’ father. The cop summons this man. He swears he knows nothing about the disappearance of his wife’s lover but Aurore intends to continue to dig this track.

Muriel and Chloé meet at the Spoon. The latter was once the nanny of Muriel’s children. She also admits to Chloé that she is not comfortable with the fact of returning here, to Sète, while her past and her affair are resurfacing.

Chloé puts things into perspective to reassure her, then François disembarks. He walks towards them. Muriel is troubled by François’ resemblance to her father. She tells him that Alain was very proud of him. He asks her about 1995 but she doesn’t explain what happened at that time.

François reproaches Muriel for having wasted her life. She justifies herself by saying that she and Alain really loved each other and that he would never have sacrificed his family. She thought he had left her and would also like to know what happened to him. François is closed and does not want to believe her.

He returns home and immerses himself in other letters from Alain and Muriel. He is increasingly convinced that his father has not abandoned him and that something bad has in fact happened to him. He dreads never seeing him again. He wants to respond to the anonymous message he received. Charlie still opposes it and this annoys François. He gets mad at her and she leaves.

Later, she calls him to apologize but he doesn’t pick up. Instead, he decides to reply to the individual who contacted him. Charlie goes to see the Morenos at the hospital. Sylvain finally wakes up from the coma, to Christelle’s delight!

A hike goes wrong

Soraya, Noor, Gabriel, Victoire and Stéphane are getting ready to go hiking. The group is loaded, a little too much according to the latter who encourages his friends to leave things at home. He tells Noor to change shoes but she refuses.

During the walk, Stéphane, who used to be a scout, turns out to be very directive. Suddenly, Noor thinks she is having an asthma attack. This is a false alarm, she just needs a break. Her sister’s boyfriend teases her for seeing her exhausted so quickly but everyone stops for a bite to eat.

They go back on the road but Noor now has sore feet. Stéphane reminds her of what he had recommended earlier for her shoes… To avoid an argument breaking out, Soraya suggests that everyone have a picnic now. They run but realize they no longer have their sandwhichs! They stayed where they took their first break!

They start walking again but realize after four hours that they are lost! Stéphane announces that they will have to sleep here in nature. The others stress because of the cold and the night. Noor and Victoire can’t sleep, just like Soraya and Gabriel. Only Stéphane snores peacefully…

Rayane gets noticed

In class, Rayane is upset because he feels like Alma is stalking him. In revenge, he steals her pencil case. Shortly after, Romy goes to high school and meets Etienne. He admits to her that his son gets noticed a lot in high school… Chloé catches up with them, they are going to talk together about professional opportunities for Romy. Rayane sees them and thinks her mother was summoned because of her larceny…

He panics and confides in Jack. The blind man advises him to open Alma’s pencil case to find out if he has stolen anything precious. Rayane looks inside and bursts out laughing because he finds a large number of condoms there! They laugh together about the situation.

Etienne is with Romy in his office. He gave her a test to see her skills. Rayane interrupts them and confesses all about the kit theft. They are flabbergasted and all three notice that a big misunderstanding is being played out!

Alma passes by and picks up her kit. Etienne does not tell him that it was Rayane who stole from him and that someone just brought him back. The English teacher leaves and Romy thanks the CPE very much for their discretion.

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