Tonight on Netflix: you will meet one of the most courageous heroines in the history of series

It hits the guts and aptly deals with poverty and psychological violence, highlighting the fight of isolated women to get by: we named “Maid”, the tough, the realistic, the powerful.

Inspired by a True Story”: and immediately, things take on another dimension.

After fleeing an abusive relationship, Alex moves into a shelter with Maddy, his two-year-old daughter. Without money, she finds a job as a cleaning lady to barely make ends meet.

Without being able to count on his own dysfunctional family, Alex must simultaneously fight against an abusive ex-partner for custody of his daughter, while trying to navigate the complicated world of red tape and American bureaucracy. But even in the midst of her fight against poverty and homelessness, the young woman dares to dream of a future as a writer…

Based on Stephanie Land’s memoir, Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survivethe mini-series, created by Molly Smith Metzler – who will soon reunite with Margot Robbie on a very promising new project… – is a raw, poignant, vivid, realistic and inspiring exploration of poverty, told primarily from the point of view of the heroine.

And what a heroine! Alex is here played by the fascinating Margaret Qualley, a true revelation, fair and natural, brilliant on all points, who will make you go through all possible emotions: from anger, to pain, to fear, to love, all with few words. Indeed, everything passes through his face and his expression, often impassive, and his large, haggard light eyes which express everything. The young actress also plays here opposite her famous mother, Andie MacDowell, who also plays her mother on screen.


Portrait of a touching and courageous woman, the mini-series is a nice surprise which quickly aroused enthusiasm and convinced with its engaging social subject. With the accuracy of her words, she realistically presents everything related to domestic violence and psychological domination over an isolated woman, in addition to emphasizing the difficulty of surviving as a single mother in a society that does not not much to help them.

In addition to its finely written script and its formidable casting, the staging of the series is not to be outdone, using the heroine’s daydreams or other flashes to accentuate her inner thoughts, making everything even more realistic. for us helpless spectators. It is therefore not surprising that the show was crowned with several Emmy nominations.


Despite its heavy subject matter, Maid – which is also one of the 7 best Netflix series that bring tears according to viewers – is a real crush that will break your heart, precisely. Gripping and moving, it is a real slap in the face of phenomenal power.

Rated 4.2 out of 5 by AlloCiné spectators, Maid is ultimately a superb lesson in resilience, humanity, and quite simply life. An experience that stirs and from which we do not emerge unscathed.

Maidcreated by Molly Smith Metzler, with Margaret Qualley, Nick Robinson, Rylea Nevaeh Whittet…

1 season to watch on Netflix.

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