Tonight on TV: forget Spider-Man and Iron Man, the only superhero that matters is him!

Every day, AlloCiné recommends a film to (re)watch on TV. Tonight: a completely crazy schoolboy comedy.

A struggling apprentice actor, Cédric finally lands his first role in a superhero film. One evening, while borrowing the film car, he is the victim of an accident which causes him to lose his memory.

When he wakes up, dressed in his vigilante costume and among the film’s accessories, he is convinced that he has become the character of the film with a perilous mission to accomplish. But it’s not a hero and even less a superhero who wants to… And even less so Cédric.

This pitch, which is comical to say the least, is that of the hilarious comedy Superheroes Despite Himself, a new delirium from the now cult “Bande à Fifi”. Directed and performed by Philippe Lacheau, the famous “Fifi”, this very generous feature film, full of schoolboy gags and incredible situations, is the ideal remedy against gloominess. So, yes, it’s often below the belt, but it’s also often very funny!

If, child, Philippe Lacheau read few superhero comics, it was the feature film Superman, with Christopher Reeve in the title role, which made his first impression. Later, when he discovered Marvel comics, it was Thor who seduced him, “maybe for his badass side, for Norse mythology and his enchanted hammer.”

Nearly 2 million super-spectators

A fan of adventure comedies that marked his childhood, such as The Goonies, The Hunt for the Green Diamond, without forgetting the Indiana Jones saga, Philippe Lacheau love “the idea that we attract the audience with the promise of a comedy, by offering them adventure as an unexpected bonus, a nice surprise.” And this is the case with Superhero in spite of himselfa parody full of energy and inventiveness which attracted more than 1.8 million spectators in theaters.

Superhero in spite of himselfan irreverent and regressive comedy which is not at all afraid of ridicule (and that’s very good!), is to be enjoyed this Sunday evening on TF1, just to start the new week which promises to be good foot !

Tonight on TF1 at 9:10 p.m.

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