Tony Marshall: He’s about to be released from the hospital soon

Tony Marshall
He is due to be released from the hospital soon

Tony Marshall

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Tony Marshall is currently in hospital due to his corona infection. The pop singer is now said to have left the intensive care unit and can return home soon.

Tony Marshall, 83, is on the mend: After it became known that the pop star was in a hospital due to a Covid 19 disease, his life should now be out of danger. He is no longer in the intensive care unit and will soon be released, as “Bild” reports.

Tony Marshall is “confident”

Music producer Jack White, 81, who wrote the pop singer’s most famous songs, told “Bild” that Tony Marshall was no longer artificially ventilated. The two spoke on the phone and the musician made a hopeful impression: “Tony is confident that he will be able to leave the hospital soon. He was joking and laughing again.” However, Jack White emphasizes how serious the corona infection was: “Without his vaccination, Tony would not have survived the corona infection. It saved him.” When Tony Marshall can return home remains to be seen.

Tony Marshall: His wife also got Covid-19

On October 20, his wife Gaby, 83, gave the all-clear about Tony Marshall’s health. “He has already survived so much, he will also survive Corona,” she told “Bild”. Although she is worried about her Tony, she knows that he is on the mend.

She was also infected with the corona virus and is currently in quarantine. However, it only has a mild course: “I feel good, it’s not that bad for me”. Because of her own illness, she is not allowed to visit her husband in the hospital: “Our son Marc is in contact with the doctors.”

Manager confirmed the pop star’s hospitalization

How and where the two got infected, she doesn’t know. Like her husband, she was also vaccinated twice. His manager Herbert Nold previously confirmed to “Bild am Sonntag” that Marshall would be treated in a clinic in Baden-Baden. Tony Marshall’s general health has long been considered ailing.

In the summer of two years ago, the singer made public that he had had several hospital stays since the beginning of 2019. “I just skipped death again. They all wanted to say goodbye to me. And now I’m singing again,” Marshall told the “Bild” newspaper at the time. What was meant was his appearance in “Always again on Sundays” on August 11, 2019 in the first.

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