Too fast & drunk – car tipped over while entering gas station

That probably didn’t go according to plan: A car driver wanted to turn into a gas station in Götzis (Vorarlberg) on ​​Sunday, but because he was driving too fast, the vehicle simply tipped over. However, the driver himself had already filled up beforehand: 1.8 per mille!

A very drunk 37-year-old overturned his vehicle while turning into a gas station area in Götzis (Feldkirch district) on Sunday evening. The police cited “probably too high a speed” and the man’s alcoholism – an alcohol test showed a blood alcohol level of 1.84 per mille – as the causes of the accident. The 37-year-old remained uninjured.1.8 per milleThe accident occurred shortly after 6:40 p.m. when the driver turned left towards a gas station. He lost control of his car, which overturned on its right side. Fluids leaking from the car were contained when the vehicle was recovered.
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