top 5 most interesting offers in April to lower your bills

Regulated electricity prices have been increasing constantly for a year and a half. Comparing offers and possibly deciding to change supplier can be an opportunity to see your bill go down. MoneyVox offers you a top 5 of the least expensive offers for this month of April 2024.

Tired of seeing your electricity bill increase? With the comparator of the Energy Mediator, it is possible to observe the prices of the offers proposed by the suppliers. Very useful information, especially since the context is particular. The sales price (TRV) has been revised upwards for almost a year and a half and is driving up bills (+10% on average for its last increase, in February).

On the other hand, prices on wholesale markets tend to fall. Suppliers who do not index their prices to the regulated rate can therefore offer offers at a lower cost. And even those who make them evolve according to the TRV are also more numerous currently offering discounts. Another fact to keep in mind is that some suppliers offer fixed price offers.

The prices indicated in these tops are simulated according to two standard profiles established by the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE). The first consumes 2400 KWh per year and has selected a basic subscription. The second has an annual consumption of 8,500 KWh and opts for a peak/off-peak hours offer.

For the basic customer, up to 170 euros less

For the first profile, we only find the so-called reference regulated tariff offer, proposed by EDF, in 45th position out of the 64 options proposed by the comparator. Price: 793 euros per year, far behind those of the 5 most interesting offers.

The Top 5 electricity offers

A typical Base EDF customer, consuming 2400 kWh per year – 9kVA meter

Annual invoicePrice per kilowatt hourSubscription amount
Dyneff621 euros0.2516 euros including tax160.85 euros including tax
Primeo energie647 euros0.2177 euros including tax189.47 euros including tax
Ohm energy654 euros0.1927 euros including tax191.47 euros including tax
Beautiful energy667 euros0.1992 euros including tax189.35 euros including tax
Alpiq679 euros0.2041 euros including tax189.47 euros including tax
Payment price793 euros0.2516 euros including tax189.48 euros including tax

Source: energy mediator comparator – April 17, 2024

The supplier Dyneff comes first, with an annual amount of 621 euros. This price is obtained thanks to a discount of 150 euros including tax. Important point to remember, to benefit from it, you will have to subscribe for 12 months since it will be paid when the regularization invoice is issued.

Primo energie is in second place, with an annual tariff of 647 euros. This time, the supplier lowers the bill by offering a 15% discount on the cost excluding taxes per KWh set by the regulated tariff. This adds a reduction of 65 euros including tax on the fourth invoice.

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