Trade Republic obtains full-service banking license from the European Central Bank

( — A few weeks before its 5th anniversary, Trade Republic obtained a full-service banking license from the European Central Bank (ECB). This additional license allows Europe’s leading savings platform to significantly expand its product offering in the areas of investment and savings in the future. Furthermore, the company is strengthening its governance with the creation of an experienced audit committee.

“Obtaining this full-service banking license opens a new chapter in the history of Trade Republic,” says Christian Hecker, co-founder of Trade Republic. “The majority of our customers are still in the early stages of their financial lives. With this banking license, we will be able to further support them in their financial journey over the coming decades. In partnership with our users, we continue to grow strongly and to establish ourselves as one of the leading financial institutions in Europe.”

Almost 5 years after entering the German market, Trade Republic can now provide all essential banking services with a full banking license, including deposit and lending activities, and meets the strict requirements attached to such a license.

By transferring 4% interest on uninvested cash, by making bonds accessible to all savers thanks to splitting, and with its new application, Trade Republic has considerably developed its offer in 2023. “Product innovations have enabled us to significantly expand our market share in Germany and internationally in 2023. By obtaining a full banking license, we continue our growth trajectory in a consistent manner. Our mission, however, remains the same: to make saving and investing simple, secure and accessible to all”, adds Christian Hecker.

An experienced audit committee

As part of obtaining the full banking license, Trade Republic is strengthening its corporate governance by establishing an experienced audit committee. Subject to approval by BaFin, this committee is composed of Ute Gerbaulet, CFO of Dr. August Oetker KG and former managing partner of Bankhaus Lampe, Christiana Riley, regional head of North America at Santander and former member of the board of Deutsche Bank, as well as Andreas Willius, former Managing Director of Trade Republic and Börse Stuttgart.

“Obtaining this full-function banking license confirms the robustness of our model and will allow us to accelerate the deployment of the solutions expected by savers in France. Coupled with a strong financial education approach, these new products and services will support us in our mission to support savers in taking control of their personal finances.” declares Vincent Grard, country manager for France.

Trade Republic has positioned itself as a pioneer of innovation within the financial industry, not only introducing fee-free ETF savings plans as a new form of savings in France but also by offering scholarship without variable fees. This initiative was followed by fractional purchasing, thus democratizing stocks and bonds for everyone. Already in January, we strengthened our leadership position by becoming the first financial institution in France to transfer the new key interest rates, currently set at 4%, to all of its new and existing clients without conditions of activity.

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