Trendy holiday 2021 with your favorite four-legged friend

Traveling with a dog can be a challenge. But with small aids it becomes a lot of fun.

It sounds trite and yet it is and remains the truth: Holidays are the best time of the year. Since we will probably have to cancel the big long-distance trips this year or postpone them to the coming year, many holidaymakers are exploring Germany and neighboring countries and relying on the car as a means of transport. It is well known that this does not get you from A to B as quickly as with a vacation flight – but this type of travel has one major advantage: you can take your beloved four-legged friend with you without any problems. Traveling with a dog – a dream.

Traveling with a dog: this is how it becomes a complete success

Well, mostly at least. Because here comes the but. Much like a toddler, man’s best friend needs all sorts of luggage. While the leash or harness take up little space and – as a rule – you don’t have to pack a mountain of clothing, there are other things that you have to think about when packing your suitcase. For example, does your four-legged friend only eat a certain type of food and do you get that in the holiday home? Toys, sleeping place, food bowl – what must be with you; what fits in the car?

We don’t even want to start with the question of how we can get the car clean and free of dog hair afterwards. (Yes, we have to, but only later!) So that nothing stands in the way of our and your enjoyment of traveling with a dog, we took a look around and thought: What does the dog need at the holiday destination? How does he survive the journey safely and as stress-free as possible? Are there any cool toys that don’t get lost in the sea if possible? And yes, we have also dealt with cleaning the car for you – so that you don’t have to.

What to take? What do you need to travel with a dog?

Depending on the time of year or in which region you want to travel with your animal family member, the demands on your luggage vary, of course. Logical! If you go hiking in the mountains with your dog in autumn, of course you don’t need sunscreen for dogs, which can be useful when visiting the Baltic or North Sea in the summer months. Especially if you plan, or at least consider, whole days on the beach with him. But we haven’t even reached our holiday destination yet.

The route is the goal

We will all agree on one point: safety on a (car) trip is always the top priority. This also applies to your dog. Apart from legal regulations, it depends entirely on the dog breed and the car when it comes to the right mode of transport. You can choose from here Metal mesh boxes, specific Seat belts for dogs or also Transport bags.

If the dog is allowed to make itself comfortable in the trunk, there is also a Dividing grille so that it doesn’t jump over the backrests of the rear seats while driving or – let’s not hope so – fly through the car in an accident.

Tip: If you should buy a new means of transport for the trip and the animal no longer has a chance to get used to it, it is best to put its unwashed (!) Blanket inside. This gives him a familiar feeling and makes the journey much more pleasant for him.

Dog hair in the car? Never!

If you want to save yourself the big cleaning action after the trip, there are special ones for you documents for the trunk, mats, baskets and blankets. These ideally line the trunk or seat of the dog and are much easier to clean after the holiday.

And if your car does have a few dog hairs afterwards, there are special ones, for example Mammalwho should be able to cope with it without any problems. Traveling with a dog should definitely not fail because of that, right ?!

A little hint: If your dog is not used to longer car journeys, it is better to prepare the vacation longer and take one or the other excursion with a longer journey beforehand.

So the vacation doesn’t become a stress test

If your dog still seems nervous while driving or if he generally has problems getting used to unfamiliar surroundings, then many dog ​​owners make do with one Chewing bones. Because chewing calms the animal; it relaxes him.

Of course you can do the whole thing with one too Wooden chew bones accomplish. The advantage: The sometimes unpleasant smell of the fleshy chewing bone does not accompany you the entire journey in the car. In the holiday home you could of course also switch and treat your dog to the “real” chewing bone.

Also special drops with Bach flowers can give your dog the necessary peace and serenity for such a trip. These are simply added to the feed or drinking water.

Regardless of whether you’re driving, stopping or on an excursion: with special Dog drinking bottles you don’t have to worry about the hydration of your companion when traveling with your dog.

When you arrive at your holiday destination at the latest – depending on the route, of course during the journey or during breaks – it’s time to grab a meal, stretch your legs and feel at home. This applies equally to humans and animals.

It’s nice when everything is quickly at hand and ideally takes up as little space as possible in your luggage. These criteria are mainly met by the foldable and therefore space-saving ones Bowlsthat come in a double pack – once as a drinking bowl and once as a food bowl.

Arrived – what now?

Let’s first go to the sea in our minds. The sun is beating down from above; the sand is hot. Sure, your dog should also take a dip in the cold water for a moment to cool off. But that won’t last long and doesn’t protect him from the sun’s rays. So it’s better to be prepared. What works for people can’t be wrong for dogs either: sunscreen and a shady spot. Sun protection is a good idea, especially for dogs with less thick fur.

Also one Headgear can be an alternative. This may not be to everyone’s taste, but it offers your (small) four-legged friend additional protection on particularly sunny days.

With a foldable, lightweight Pet tent or a conventional one Beach shelter do you offer your darling a retreat when it gets too sunny. In addition, the sand does not heat up as much at this point – good for his paws.

We have an extra tip for the paws. Not only on the hot sandy beach, also when hiking in the mountains, on winter holidays in snow and slippery conditions – Paw protectors are a valuable investment and help in addition to special ones Anointto protect the paws.

But of course, fun shouldn’t be neglected when visiting the beach. With a floating Water toys this is guaranteed without any of you having to go to a diving station.

After cooling off in the sea or a lake, we humans like to wrap ourselves in a cozy towel. Especially when the temperatures are a bit cooler or when you want to go back to your holiday home quickly. Treat your dog to the same fun with a special one Dog bathrobe. Nice side effect: it just looks cute.

A few things for the first-aid kit

If you are not only planning a city trip, but above all want to be outdoors a lot, then your dog may come into less contact with other dogs – but maybe with all sorts of small livestock. We’re talking about ticks and co. Not a particularly nice holiday acquaintance for your four-legged friend. But luckily you can with him Tick ​​sprays protect.

Should you nevertheless discover a tick, it is advisable to have one for such cases Tick ​​tweezers to have ready in your first-aid kit.

It could also be useful to find a means that gives your dog a little relief, should he suffer from itching or something, for example if he is / has been attacked by vermin. A Skin care spray promises remedy.

Long distances, short legs?

We have another tip for you if you have a puppy or simply a very small dog with correspondingly short legs. Long hikes or hours of sightseeing on a city trip could be too exhausting for him. Especially when he’s not used to it. If you still don’t want to leave him at home or in the holiday accommodation, this is a good option Tote bags or Rucksacks for dogs.

If it becomes too much for the little one or if he runs the risk of being overlooked in the hustle and bustle of the big city, for example, then you can simply strap him to your chest or back. So he can also enjoy the view from above. He should like that.

Traveling with a dog – are you ready?

The most important thing for relaxing and enjoyable traveling with your dog is good preparation. Because it’s a bit like with small children: You should always be prepared for all eventualities – then nothing can upset you so quickly. So think carefully beforehand what you or your dog will need on the trip, which regulations (e.g. a muzzle obligation) apply on site.

Small reminder: You should think about these things as early as possible

In addition to the equipment, we have put together some tips for you. So nothing stands in the way of your holiday fun.

  • It is better to plan your trip further in advance if you are not yet a pro at dog travel. This leaves you enough time to check all the important factors and collect the most important utensils.
  • A vacation with a dog is something wonderful. For your dog too? Under certain circumstances (illness, too much stress, etc.) it is better for the animal to stay at home. A bitter pill for loving dog owners. But please swallow it when it comes to the well-being of your darling.
  • A car trip usually makes the most sense, because here you decide how and when breaks are planned. Active dogs in particular will thank you for the regular exercise opportunities with satisfaction and balance. So take a look at the route in good time and consider whether one or the other stopover away from the motorway service station is not possible.

Have a nice vacation to you and your dog!

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