True Detective: Jodie Foster didn’t know the end of season 4 when she accepted the role!

Not everyone commits to a storyline that isn’t fully completed, but Jodie Foster did for season 4 of “True Detective.”

The public finally had the answers to the questions that had been nagging them since the beginning. In the final episode of True Detective: Night Country, detectives Liz Danvers and Evangeline Navarro cross the Ennis Ice Caves and discover who is responsible for the murder of Annie K. And at the same time, they discover what is actually happened to the Tsalal scientists, found naked, huddled together and frozen at the end of the first episode.

During a debrief of the conclusion of the series with Vanity Fair, Jodie Foster shared some secrets. While she is executive producer of the series, Jodie Foster confided that she signed for this season 4 of True Detective without knowing exactly how the series would end.

We say yes based on a script, which is the pilot. Then there are little summaries of what might happen in episodes two, three, four, five and six. So it’s kind of an act of faith.“, she explains.

Total confidence

But she said she was confident that writer-director Issa López would be up to the task. “After meeting Issa López, knowing that she was a great author and an extraordinary, intelligent, amazing and emotionally connected person, I was like, ‘Oh, I want to work with her.’“.

She was not disappointed! Jodie Foster told AlloCiné that Issa López was her favorite director. “She’s funny, she’s smart, she’s emotional, she’s deep, someone who’s flexible. She’s got all the things I want in a director“, she told us in French in the text!

You can now watch the entirety of season 4 of True Detective: Night Country on Prime Video via the Warner Pass.

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