TV tip: Explosive action and humor in a double pack! These tough guys patrol your living room


Criminally good TV entertainment! Miami’s hottest cops are taking over the screens. Watch the film series on free TV.

Bad Boys (1995) (Source:

“Bad Boys” from 1995 is considered a classic action film. The sequel “Bad Boys 2” from 2003 was also directed by star director Michael Bay (“Transformers” series). Another part followed in 2020 with “Bad Boys for Life”. There is also a spin-off series called “LA’s Finest” that has been airing since 2019.

You can watch the spectacular action film “Bad Boys” on free TV and follow how police officers Lowrey and Burnett try to solve all the cases in time.

Cop thriller with action comedy

“Bad Boys” is an action film and comedy in one, starring Will Smith (“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”) and Martin Lawrence. The plot revolves around two Miami detectives, Mike Lowrey (Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence), who attempt to catch drug robbers while recovering stolen drugs. The two are partners and friends, but otherwise completely different people. Marcus lives the life of a family man while Mike lives the life of a playboy.

They have to solve the theft within 72 hours before the department closes, as the investigating agency suspects that the break-in was possible because of an insider. On top of that, they have to solve a murder whose only witness is a friend of Mike’s. However, since he was not in the station at the time of their call, Marcus pretends to be Mike on his captain’s instructions, which becomes increasingly difficult. The role reversal is exposed at some point and the chaos becomes greater and greater.

success of the film

The “Bad Boys” films have proven to be extremely successful commercially. The first film, “Bad Boys” (1995), directed by Michael Bay, grossed over $141 million worldwide. The success helped further cement the careers of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

“Bad Boys II” (2003) continued this trend, grossing over $270 million worldwide. The third part, “Bad Boys for Life” (2020), impressed with worldwide box office receipts of over 425 million US dollars.

Where you can stream “Bad Boys”.

The action film is still available to you even after it has been broadcast on free TV. “Bad Boys” is available to stream on Netflix, Wow and Amazon Prime Video.

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