TV Tips: Shock for Hauke ​​Jakobs in "Nord bei Nordwest"


8:15 p.m., Das Erste, Nord bei Nordwest: On our own account, thriller

After a red-haired woman was found lifeless in the sea, Commissioner Lona Vogt (Henny Reents) encounters the murderer in the apartment of the dead. She dies in a desperate struggle. A shock for all of Schwanitz, especially for Hauke ​​(Hinnerk Schönemann), the veterinary assistant Jule (Marleen Lohse) and Lona's father (Peter Prager). Commissioner Sarah Winter (Anja Schneider) from Kiel joins the investigation. She suspects that the dead on the beach and Lona are victims of a serial killer that she has been trying to track down for years.

8:15 p.m., VOX, arrival, sci-fi thriller

Elliptical UFOs land at twelve locations on Earth. Linguist Dr. Banks (Amy Adams) is commissioned by the US military to decipher the alien language and to clarify the purpose with which the alien beings came to earth. Brooks' insights hurry because the Chinese military fears that the aliens are enemy invaders. The global saber rattle is getting louder: Can Brooks prevent a war against the aliens?


8:15 p.m., Sat.1, You never stop learning, comedy

Widowed retiree Ben (Robert De Niro) is bored when he retires and decides to do an internship at Jules Ostin's (Anne Hathaway) online fashion company. Ben quickly feels comfortable in his new job, and he gets on well with the young colleagues. But Jules stays at a distance – until Ben steps in for her chauffeur and the two get to know each other better.

8:15 p.m., ZDF, Der Bergdoktor: Time of Awakening, family series

Maike Schlueter (Amelie Kiefer), pilot of the Ellmau mountain rescue team, suffers from a weakness. Martin (Hans Sigl) soon learns that her health problems are psychological. Things are progressing at the Gruberhof. Anne (Ines Lutz) finds a great business partner in Gregor (Gabriel Merz), who is a bit too committed, as Lisbeth has to find out. Martin also observes the whole thing skeptically and with a hint of secret jealousy.

8:15 p.m., ProSieben, Germany's next top model – by Heidi Klum, casting show

Welcome to the Jungle! For the top model candidates, the second episode will go to Costa Rica. Alongside a male model, they have to pose as jungle beauties when shooting with star photographer Rankin. The challenge: The young models design the outfit themselves beforehand. Top model Stella Maxwell Heidi Klum is on hand as a guest jury member.