Tweed Blonde: This is the new hair color trend for fall

Tweed blonde
This is the new hair color trend for fall

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New season, new hair color? But of course! After we often opted for very light tones in summer, we are now looking at the hairstyle trends for autumn. There’s one hair color we can’t avoid in the coming season: tweed blonde.

In summer we love light blonde highlights, lots of contrast and colors that go with the light season. In autumn it can be a little darker and more natural again. Tweed Blonde manages to be colored in a way that reflects the light on natural hair. We tell you what makes the trend and how it can be created.

This is how tweed blonde works

The new trend color can be described as a neutral blonde that is interwoven with cool and warm tones. Trademark: The color looks like the natural hair color and becomes more exciting and gets more dimension through different nuances. In contrast to the popular balayage technique, the tweed blonde is not only colored from the lengths, but the color is drawn up to the roots. This creates a particularly natural effect and doesn’t just look like dyed tips.

Who Can Wear Tweed Blonde?

The great thing about the hair trend? Due to the strands in a wide variety of nuances, the color can always be individually adjusted. This means that it doesn’t matter whether we have dark blonde, brunette or even blonde hair – the technique suits every hair type and looks even more natural and softer thanks to your own hair color as a basis.

There are also no rigid rules for the length of the tweed blonde. The hair should reach at least the ears and becomes more visible the longer the mane is. Whether on wavy or straight hair, the new technique works with every hairstyle and texture.
There’s not much left for us to say. We are absolute fans and definitely want to try the trend style!


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