Two Point Hospital: the Healing Express DLC unveiled and dated on video

Two Point Studios currently developing Two Point Campusits humorous management game which will be released next May, but the studio is not forgetting the first part of its franchise and presents Express Healingadditional content for Two Point Hospitalwhich will land this month.

Thanks to Healing Express DLC, players will be able to direct ambulances to respond to various accidents, obviously unusual. It will have to improve its fleet of vehicles and arrive as quickly as possible on site to take care of the cases as well as possible, then bring them back if necessary to the hospitals of Two Point County. the DLCs will therefore add wacky vehicles like the Gigambulance or theElevatinbut also three new regions, three new treatment rooms, 19 new pathologies (including six visual) and various other objects.

The release date of Express Healing is set for March 15, 2022 in Two Point Hospital on PC, via Steam and the Microsoft Store. the DLCs will cost €8.99, but you can already pre-order it at -15% (€7.64) at Gamesplanet.

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