Two sides of the abyss: World premiere of the thriller mini-series now on RTL+ and Warner TV series


The thriller series “Two Sides of the Abyss” is now starting simultaneously on RTL+, Warner TV Series and HBO Max. The German free TV premiere is also not far away.

Convicted murderer Dennis Opitz (Anton Dreger) has been released from prison, but is he really no longer a threat? (Source: © RTL / Warner TV series / Wolfgang Ennenbach)

  • The thriller series “Two Sides of the Abyss” is now available on RTL+ and Warner TV Serie.
  • The German mini-series about the hunt for a serial killer has a total of six episodes.
  • The free TV premiere of “Two Sides of the Abyss” will take place on May 17 on Vox.

May 8th is the day of the worldwide premiere of the German miniseries “Two Sides of the Abyss”. The dark thriller story about the hunt for a serial killer marks the first collaboration between RTL Germany and Warner Bros. Discovery. Accordingly, “Two Sides of the Abyss” starts simultaneously both on the streaming service RTL+ and on pay TV on Warner TV series and internationally on HBO Max.

“Two sides of the abyss” in the stream, on pay TV and on free TV

All six episodes of the mini-series are now available directly on the RTL+ streaming service. Warner TV Serie airs a new double episode every Monday at 8:15 p.m. In addition to the start of streaming and pay TV, the German free TV premiere of “Two Sides of the Abyss” will also take place in May. The Vox broadcaster will broadcast the first three episodes in a row on May 17th. Vox will show the last three episodes on May 24th.

A serial killer on a vendetta

The starting point of “Two Sides of the Abyss” is the Wuppertal policewoman Luise Berg, played by Anne Ratte-Polle, who finds out that the convicted murderer of her 17-year-old daughter has now been released from prison and has apparently been classified as “rehabilitated”. Luise Berg has doubts about his purification, because suddenly a new series of murders begins and Luise fears for the safety of her youngest daughter Josi.

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