U-turn – blast! Does Hartberg’s Schopp go to England?

A few days ago, when the Bundesliga team started training, Hartberg coach Markus Schopp was asked about his whereabouts in Eastern Styria, and explained several reasons that would speak for a fourth season with TSV. But now everything could go very quickly: Schopp should soon move to FC Barnsley in England on the island!

Blast effect in the evening at the Bundesliga club Hartberg – Markus Schopp is said to be leaving the club for England! The 47-year-old successful coach is the first choice for second division Barnsley, according to rumors from the British Isles. He is to succeed Valerien Ismael, who moved to West Bromwich Albion. The negotiations with the club of Austrians Michael Sollbauer and Dominik Frieser are said to be about to be concluded.

Hartberg boss Erich Korherr is currently unable to make a clear statement: “I cannot confirm these rumors,” says the TSV boss. “We recently had the topic of Austria, so Markus was supposedly already fixated. I only know that Schopp has a contract in Hartberg and will definitely still be there for our test match in Weiz. “

No comment on Russ
However, the head of TSV Hartberg does not want to rule out anything in life: “We saw Florian Flecker’s move to LASK how quickly such a transfer can take place. Nothing is impossible. But I don’t want to comment on such rumors. ”Korherr also didn’t want to comment on whether Hartberg was prepared for the unexpected departure of his successful coach and had a plan B. In the background it is rumored that if Schopp leaves, assistant coach Kurt Russ will be promoted to head coach. “No comment on this either,” said Korherr, “that would have to be decided by the entire board.”