Un Si Grand Soleil in advance: summary of the episode of Thursday March 16, 2023 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”… While Tom crosses the line, Mélissa encounters another victim of James.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, March 16, 2023 in Such a big sun…


At the farm, Akim asks Noémie if she is available this weekend for a romantic getaway. While the young woman would like to have a clue before answering her, the policeman is tough and reveals nothing. When they kiss, Ludo arrives and interrupts their little moment of tenderness. Without waiting, Noémie asks her partner if he can take care of the horses this weekend, which he accepts. A bit embarrassed, Ludo then seeks to know the program of the day. Noémie then informs him that he is the one who has to take care of Tom today. Not really what to delight him.

Meanwhile, Tom visits his friend Jonas. As the teenager has no desire to return to the farm, Jonas tries to make him understand that it is a very bad idea because the judge will not hesitate to send him to a closed center. Plus, Jonas is counting on him for an upcoming move he can’t talk about yet. In the meantime, he therefore advises her to grit her teeth, to do what she is told and not to make waves.

Later, Ludo offers Tom to join his group for a horseback ride. Indeed, he would like to start again on a good basis with him and thinks that they must break the abscess to manage to build a relationship of trust. After Tom accepts, Ludo receives a call from Alix who invites him to dinner at the restaurant. Once their conversation is over, he puts his phone on the table and then goes to take care of the horses.

A few hours later, Ludo notices that his phone is missing and asks Tom to find out if he took it from him. Even if the latter assures him not, Ludo, who does not believe him, searches in his backpack. When he discovers his cell phone, Tom punches him violently in the face.

Tom having gone too far, Noémie intends to send him to another structure to perform his TIG. However, the teenager prefers to stay at Noémie’s farm because he likes horses and gets along well with Rémi. Ludo then agrees to give him a second chance provided he follows the rules. If Tom hoped to get out of it easily, Noémie has no other choice than to warn Emma. And as much to say that she considers that her brother is unrecoverable.

In the evening, Alix and Ludo meet at the restaurant for dinner. Since she can’t miss her coquard in the face, Ludo tells her about his misadventure with Tom. When Alix offers him to come and work at the art gallery, Ludo refuses because he likes his job on the farm. However, Alix is ​​not fooled and understands above all that he is still in love with Noémie. Ludo may affirm the opposite, but Alix is ​​certain that he is in full denial.


At the police station, Commissioner Becker takes stock of the investigation with his teams. Since the other rape victims do not want to testify and Ralph has not denounced his accomplices, the case is at a standstill. However, Manu and Alex inquired about the site that broadcasts the videos and it made a million euros in reported profits last year. Unfortunately, the videos that perform the best are those that are categorized as “rough sex”. The police therefore make the bitter observation that actresses are raped only because it is a hit on the net.

Certain that Régis Tresson has sponsored everything, Manu and Alex challenge him. During his interrogation, Tresson asserts that his company only distributes content through a site. He also claims that he does not intervene in the recruitment of actresses or in filming. When he confirms that rough sex is a buoyant sector of the pornographic market, Manu loses his temper and reproaches him for his “disgusting” activities. Master Levars then intervenes and declares that this turns into baseless accusations and dirty insinuations. While the tone rises, Alex takes things in hand then signals to Tresson that he risks being prosecuted for complicity in rape, pimping, kidnapping, human trafficking and extortion.

Meanwhile, Mélissa registers a call for witnesses in the hope of finding other victims of James and his accomplices. In order to avoid being sued for defamation, Mélissa does not give the name of the site or of the person who recruited her.

Later, Inès tells her mother that Mélissa has decided to fight to help the police get hold of her attackers. If she considers the approach of her courageous friend, Inès nevertheless believes that Mélissa is obsessed with this story. For Mo, it’s always better than sinking into silence without reacting. Nevertheless, she is convinced that Mélissa must get help and gives her daughter the contact details of the association that has helped her in the past.

A few steps away, Mélissa receives the testimony of a certain Ambre, a young woman who has experienced exactly the same thing as her. The two young women then meet at Les Sauvages in the evening.

At nightfall, Ambre tells her story to Mélissa who encourages her to file a complaint but she is terrified. And for good reason, James threatened to send the video to all her family if she spoke to the police. Not wishing to force her, however, Mélissa asks her to think about it. After promising her, Amber advises her to be careful of her before adding that these men are capable of anything.

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