“Unfair competition”: USA massively increases tariffs on Chinese steel

“Unfair competition”
USA massively increases tariffs on Chinese steel

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US President Biden is on a campaign tour in Pennsylvania. The region is known for its steel production. He has a gift in store for the employees: tariffs on certain products from the Far East will be significantly increased. China’s actions in shipbuilding are also being scrutinized.

The US wants to triple US tariffs on certain steel and aluminum imports from China. US President Joe Biden has asked his trade representative to take the appropriate steps, the White House said. American workers face unfair competition because of the import of Chinese products. The products were also among the most emissions-intensive in the world. The current average tariff is 7.5 percent – this rate dates back to the presidency of Biden’s predecessor, the Republican Donald Trump.

At the same time, Trade Representative Katherine Tai announced that an investigation would be launched into Chinese trade practices in the shipbuilding, shipping and logistics sectors following a petition from five US unions. Steel is a critical component, especially in shipbuilding.

“The petition contains serious and troubling allegations about the People’s Republic of China’s longstanding efforts to dominate the shipping, logistics and shipbuilding sectors,” Tai said. The allegations reflected what is already known in other sectors – namely that China is using “a wide range of non-market-oriented policies and practices” to “undermine fair competition.”

Biden is campaigning this week in the US state of Pennsylvania, which is historically known for its steel industry – Pittsburgh in the west of the state is nicknamed the “Steel City”.

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