UNUSUAL on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: an astonishing collaboration with Porsche tries to sell us dreams

Players’ wait finally ended last Thursday with the launch of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on PS5. For the occasion, Square Enix released a traditional final trailer and the main people responsible for the project shared a few words. We now find the latter, namely Tetsuya Nomura (creative director), Yoshinori Kitase (producer) and Naoki Hamaguchi (director) in an astonishing collaborative short film the interest of which we can clearly question in terms of marketing expenses. Indeed, it’s with the famous car manufacturer Porsche AG that this 5-minute video was created where the three men discuss the similarities between the two companies while of the Porsche 911 from 1997 and 2024years of release FFVII original and therefore Rebirth, roam the streets of Tokyo. Fans of the brand will appreciate it, even if there is nothing extraordinary.

In parallel, a beautiful Porsche 911 has been personalized in the colors of the game and is present at Porsche Experience Center from Los Angeles where Naoki Hamaguchi, as well as several English character voice actors were invited, namely Briana White (Aerith), Caleb Pierce (Zach), Suzie Yeung (Yuffie) and Max Mittlemen (Red XIII). For once, seeing these few photos of this magnificent customized car already sells even more dreams. The director of FFVII Rebirth would also have been good wanted to drive itbut unfortunately he couldn’t.

“At Porsche, we draw inspiration from dreamers around the world who want to create change. Few people can claim to embody this pioneering spirit as well as the creators of FINAL FANTASY VII, who redefined the RPG genre and took the art of gaming to new heights. On the cusp of their highly anticipated new release, Porsche salutes the members of the SQUARE ENIX development team and continues to draw inspiration from dreamers like them. » – Deniz Keskin, Director of Brand Management and Partnerships at Porsche AG.

“The development of FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH began, like that of FINAL FANTASY VII, with a dream to create a game that would become the benchmark in storytelling for the next generation of games. Having dreams means overcoming many obstacles, but it is also an opportunity to create new possibilities. We share this desire to reinvent and question established norms with our friends at Porsche. » – Yoshinori Kitase, producer (FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH), director (FINAL FANTASY VII)

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If you haven’t already, you can purchase Final Fantasy VII Rebirth priced at €62.99 on Amazon.

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