Updatable balcony power plants with 800 watts of feed-in power: just a few hours left with a discount of 150 euros


By no means all balcony power plant inverters are prepared for the feed-in of 800 watts. Anyone who is currently buying a balcony power plant should consider this – and save 150 euros.

Small power plant lattice balcony (Source: Small power plant)

Corresponding projects are the subject of the planned “Facilitation of the installation of “balcony power plants”” and are expected to come into force from January 1, 2024. So far, the feed-in from a balcony power plant in the domestic power grid in Germany has been limited to 600 watts of feed-in power, in future 800 watts, i.e. a third more, should be possible.

Anyone planning to install a balcony power plant today should take this into account. Because only those inverters whose software can be updated to feed in 800 watts from 2024 will then also be able to exploit this new limit value, one speaks of “updateable balcony power plants”.

The 150 euro voucher is only valid for a few hours!

At Small power station with code august150 Save 150 euros*


Upgradable balcony power plants at Small Power Plant

Exclusively for our readers, we have negotiated a discount at Kleines Kraftwerk, a well-known provider from Germany: who the voucher code august150 enters in the ordering process, gets the updateable balcony power plants from the provider with a discount of 150 euros.

At Small power station buy the new generation with “august150”.*


Kleines Kraftwerk ships 800-watt inverters that are temporarily “throttled” to the maximum allowable 600 watts, and this throttling can later be removed by updating the inverter software.

After the update, 200 watts more maximum power can now be used by the mini solar power plant – if you consider the very long service life of the components, the additional price of the new generation can pay off. But the inverter is not only updateable, it is also not affected by the widespread technical problems of other manufacturers.

Tip: 150 euros discount with “august150”

With the coupon code august150 there is already a discount on the new generation at Kleines Kraftwerk. The voucher works for all Duo and Quattro balcony power plants, because all systems offered can be updated.

A pleasant side effect of the inverter’s WiFi connection is the ability to call up the system’s performance data on a smartphone app. At the same time, the solar modules used are state-of-the-art and, depending on the application, particularly light and flexible or stable and torsion-resistant, in a modern black design.

Views S Miles App

Views of the S-Miles app (Source: Kleines Kraftwerk)

Is it worth it?

Whether the purchase of a balcony power plant pays off for you or whether it has to pay off at all is a personal decision. Very few things that you spend money on generate a positive return – but with a balcony power plant you definitely make a contribution to reducing the demand for power plant electricity with a predominantly fossil-based electricity mix.

Other influencing factors in a return calculation for balcony power plants are the electricity price, your own consumption, the angle of the system to the sun, weather conditions and your own electricity consumption and its distribution over the day. And last but not least, of course, the purchase price – with our voucher code you save 150 euros at this point.

Anyone who has answered this question and would like to buy a balcony power plant is definitely worth investing in an updateable system.

The market now offers mini solar solutions for window frames and sills, ready-made solar systems can be rented from OBI – and a company from Brandenburg covers the house roof with solar tiles. There are even foldable solutions for leisure and camping on the go: the energy transition is now.

Don’t forget to ask us about funding opportunities in your region, we also list important tips for registering a balcony power plant.

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