Upgrade in the event of a crash: Vodafone Allnet flat rate with 25 GB for 9.99 euros – without connection price


Everything has to go at the freenet group at the end of the quarter. The sales in the Vodafone network are controlled via crash; there is now 25 GB of data volume for 10 euros.

Crash deal: 25GB data volume in the Vodafone network

Traditionally, the freenet Group has strong deals with new price points at the end of the quarter. Presumably there are quarterly targets that need to be met, and with the end of the quarter only two weeks away, nothing seems to be left to chance.

Because this mobile phone contract also sets a new price point in Vodafone’s D2 network – like the parallel Telekom deal from freenet. The connection price is now waived here and you surf at a speed of 50 instead of 25 MBit/s.

crash tariffs on Black Friday
  • 25 GB LTE internet flat rate (50 Mbit/s)

  • Vodafone network D2

  • Unlimited calls & SMS

  • VoLTE & WLAN Call

  • eSIM possible

  • Flexible contract start possible until September 30, 2023

  • No connection fee

This all-net flat rate works in Vodafone’s LTE network, you surf the network at a fast 50 Mbit/s, make free and unlimited calls to all networks – and even SMS are included. There is also no connection price here, so that only the 9.99 euros are charged per month and the basic monthly price is also the effective price.

The comparison price of 14.99 comes from the current offer from crash-mother klarmobil: there you can get the tariff for 14.99 euros instead of 24.99 euros – with crash you save another third of the costs at this savings price .

So you certainly can’t go wrong with this deal if you’re currently looking for a SIM-only deal in the Vodafone network. 25 GB of data volume will be more than enough for most users, and the speed, reduced to 50 Mbit/s, is fast enough even for good quality video streaming. Vodafone’s LTE network is excellently developed and should provide consistently stable connections in most regions.

The minimum contract term is 24 months, so you should look for a new Traif hit in good time. In addition to this Vodafone deal, you will also find two other tariff offers at crash – but the highlight is this Vodafone deal with 25 GB.

At crash to the new tariff portfolio*


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