US aid package passed – The USA stands by Ukraine – News


The United States remains true to its role on the world stage, at least for now. A majority of 311 to 112 votes ensured that around $60 billion for Ukraine passed the House of Representatives. The fact that an extraordinary coalition of Democrats and Republicans came together is remarkable – especially since the large chamber of Congress has recently been characterized by dysfunction and gridlock.

Aid to Ukraine was also stuck for months and it became conceivable that the USA would leave Ukraine hanging. The relief in Kyiv is correspondingly great. President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Platform X and wrote that the package would save lives. Another $26 billion was allocated to support Israel and humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip. A good eight billion dollars are flowing into the Indo-Pacific region.

A win for Mike Johnson

It was clear that a majority in the House of Representatives wanted to continue supporting Ukraine. But only now has Mike Johnson, the chairman of the House of Representatives, cleared the way: The Republican brought the aid packages to the vote in tranches. And Johnson has dropped the demand that new money for Ukraine must be directly linked to stricter measures against illegal migration at the border with Mexico.

After months of blockade, he sided with Ukraine and stood up to the right wing of his own party. Many Republicans are critical of further aid to Ukraine or reject it outright. This time, 112 Republicans, a majority of the group, voted against it. Not for the first time, Johnson pushed an important law across the finish line only with the help of the Democrats. That could cost him his job. A similar combination was already the downfall of his predecessor Kevin McCarthy.

Even before yesterday’s vote, some MPs threatened that they would vote to force Johnson out of office if such a “motion to vacate” came to a vote. It is MPs on the right-wing fringe, where Donald Trump’s closest allies can be found, who are sharpening their knives against Johnson. For now, Johnson should be reassured that Trump himself recently came out firmly behind him. He probably hopes that at least some of the Democrats will vote for him and thus keep him in office.

A sign against isolationism

The Senate is likely to quickly approve the Ukraine aid. President Joe Biden’s signature is a mere formality. For decades they have seen themselves as the “leader of the free world”, standing up to the aggression of dictators worldwide. This self-image was confirmed on Saturday. But it is no longer self-evident. Only after a long standstill and with political maneuvers did these aid packages pass Congress.

There are many politicians in the House of Representatives who no longer want to simply accept the belief that it is in the interest of the USA to counter the aggression of an autocrat in Europe. It is noteworthy that the isolationists are located in the Republican Party. So in the party of Ronald Reagan, who as president opposed the Soviet Union with all his might. It is conceivable that they will one day gain the upper hand, especially if the next president is Donald Trump again.

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